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Over the past few years, the matter of immigration has grabbed numerous headlines across the United States. Sampson observes that the issue has raised some controversial debates among both the private and political partitions of the nation. This is notable in the failed immigration transformation bill, proposed by the preceding regime and thwarted by congress in 2007. Ensuing counter accusations across the opinionated divide significantly influenced the outcome of the last national elections. Today, the sensitivity of the matter remains at large. The government persistently faces the complicatedness in dealing with the immigration. Additionally, the disparities in the implementation of the immigration laws crossways different states in the U.S raises a lot of disquieting questions. This paper assesses of the discriminative manner in which the immigration laws are applied. Furthermore, it puts into perspective the treatment of both the skilled and non skilled immigrants.

Butcher & Morrison, observes that there is massive discrimination perpetuated by the ever stringent laws on aliens. They give the illustration of the discrepancy in the way the law treats the immigrant and the naturalized youths. According to Butcher & Morrison non citizens exposed to usher penalties as compared to their similarly incriminated American counterparts. They note that this common view is attributable to the massive number of youthful immigrants in states like California and their characteristic law levels of education. This explains the common belief that immigrants are more susceptible to criminal activities as compared to American born counterparts.

Contrary to this general belief, a recent study of the population of California correction facilities confirms less foreign born inmates as compared to the ones born in the U.S,. This contrasts their immense fraction in the total California’s populace. Further investigation reveals higher institutionalization rates among the U.S born Folks compared to their immigrant counterparts. When individuals of similar age and profession were taken into consideration, the initially noted dissimilarity enormously magnified.

These revelations points at two poignant issues in regard to incrimination of the immigrants. First, the insistence on educational qualification as an enticement for registration of immigrants is profoundly insignificant. Second, the treatment of the foreigners should positively take into consideration the fact that many immigrants are deficient of proper education. Furthermore, the percentage of immigrant with degree certificates is almost equivalent to the naturalized citizens. It also revealed a rise in the immigrant education standards. Johnson equally observes that, there is strong education augmentation across the generations.

However, Butcher & Morrison make note of the fact that; immigrants may impinge on public safety in peculiar habits other than direct criminal activity. They illustrate that, the displacement of natural Americans by the aliens from lucrative job opportunities may be a stimuli to criminal activities. According to Butcher & Morrison (3), the crime rate amongst the immigrants is continuously reducing. Children of immigrants have continuously had a reduced involvement in criminal undertakings.

Johnson also noted that authorities have noticeably altered policies on admission of skilled manpower and international students. In the early years of the last decade, a boom in computing and information processing sector helped pushed for lighter rules on admission of skilled aliens. However, Johnson observes the shift in this policy after the terrorist attacks of the early years of this decade. This stringent adoption policy equally affected students seeking to advance their skills. Recently, another turn on this policy has allowed students studying engineering and sciences an opportunity to study in the country. However, there are mounting reports amidst a few politicians to strengthen these rules to protect the nation. According to Butcher & Morrison, a minority of conservative policy makers see this as the reason behind the persistently increasing unemployment rate.

Despite mounting evidence disregarding the inclusion of professional like engineers and doctor, a few stereotypical policy makers still believe that they provide vital reinforcement needed to curb the shortage at home. Butcher & Morrison see this as away of ensuring the U.S remains the undeniable global principal in invention and technology. Sampson notes that there is an indifferent shown by the American universities regarding the government directives. They see the admittance of international students as away of enhancing their standing as global leaders in academic excellence.

Sampson reports that the disinterest in acceptance of immigrants is a delicate question.  He cites the view by some policy makers that many of the children come from locations with poor academic preparations with hardly any comprehension of the English language. On arrival in the U.S, they struggle to adapt to their new surrounding. The diversity in culture and language that they bring with them compounds the adaptation problem. Their concentration in a few areas within the nation equally limits their level of integration into the American society. However, it is futile to base immigration policies on innovation and technical skills only. Sampson suggests that, the immigration policy should reflect both the skills acquired by the individuals coupled with a through knowledge of their home nations.


In conclusion, immigration will still remain to be a thorny issue. However, the efforts by the legislature to endorse laws those reflect on more than just innovativeness should be supported. The close association of immigrants to crime is slowly changing. American higher institutions of learning should continue their efforts to offer more opportunities for foreign students. In my view, with good governance on immigration, the American society stands a better chance of continued global, technological, supremacy.

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