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The origin of life on earth begun in the sea as it has been established by natural history of marine biology more than five billion years down the line. The discipline of aqua-genesis has offered fascinating research work that astonishes readers with its richness, complexity and wonders of bio-evolution. For a long time, researchers have been involved in the search for the precedent form of life between plants and animals. The assumption that plants existed for about 2 billion years before the first animals evolved has been the basis for this research. There is a profound hypothesis that the comets attributed to the coming up of animal life after plants.

The arrival of asteroids and comets on earth brought the ratio of material necessary for organic life. These materials were dissolved to the ocean and the long process of emergence of life on earth begun. Comets are believed to have been responsible in bringing animal life on earth before it expanded enough (Sverdrup and Duxbury, 1997). The process may have started about three to four and a half billion years ago when the earth and the moon were bombarded by a flux of comets and asteroids. This resulted to craters on the earth and continental movements that created the earth surface. When the earth recovered, about three billion years later, there emerged fragile forms of life after comets conveyed precipitate elements in the ocean. Comets have the kind of energy that composes the building blocks of life which are responsible to ionize elements that comes into contact with it. These molecules in water developed a chemical characteristic which made them more complex than before.

However, these changes happen spontaneously and can never be performed in a laboratory under conditions similar to those of the earth surface. The metamorphosis originates from extraterrestrial bodies that fall to the earth surface. The transformation is therefore of ultimate importance to life because all proteins and amino acids because with time they are converted to DNA and RNA, which are stable compounds needed for the infrastructure of living things (Leckie & Yuretich, 2003).

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