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Woody Hochswender’s article “Did My Car Join Al Qaeda?” is based on the on-going debate about the usage of S.U.V’s (Sport Utility Vehicles) in the USA. Some people are of the opinion that the continued use of these types of vehicles is facilitating the Middle East’s engagement in the terrorist activities. This is because of the increased usage of oil, hence increasing their incomes. As a result, they end up buying weapons to attack other countries. Therefore, Hochwender seeks to understand if this is true (Hochswender, 2003).

Hochwender makes a claim and goes ahead to provide evidence so as to persuade his readers (Hochswender, 2003). From a logical appeal, he compares those making these claims with the people who a problem with the adventurous nature of Americans. He makes this comparison so as to help the reader understand why he does not support the debate. This helps in drawing similarities of the two situations (Waicukauski, Sandler & Epps, 2009). He goes on to say that the snow in winter would be unmanageable if people were to use light trucks. This is because the roads are normally covered with thick black ice in winter. As such, the only way that people can overcome this challenge is by use of S.U.V’s (Muller & Wiener, 2006).

From an emotional appeal, Hochwender engages the reader by indicating that the S.U.V.’s help people get to work and take their children to school during winter and other times when the roads are unmanageable with light trucks (Hochswender, 2003). Finally, the writer uses the ethical appeal by indicating that irrespective of the fact that S.U.V’s may facilitate rollovers, drivers have individual responsibility to be careful on the roads. Finally, he makes his conclusion that he believes that owning S.U.V’s does not in any way imply that one is supportive terrorism (Waicukauski, Sandler & Epps, 2009).

From the above analysis, I agree that Hochwender has managed to make a persuasive argument that persuades the reader to agree with him.

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