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The major goal of this assignment will be to present relevant facts about the various effects of fast food in the food industry. Fast foods or rather inorganic foods have been known to take the center stage in the lives of most people ranging from workers to school children. Most of these people resort to taking fast food out of the fact that it is easier and quick to obtain. Nowadays, most of the restaurants have found out that the secret in making vast amounts of profits lies with the advancements made in delivering fast food. I will therefore try to ascertain the reasons behind the popularity of taking fast foods and at the same time present the various causes which are brought about by the overconsumption of these foods. It has been hard to find the proper reasons to explaining the engagement people enclose in consuming fast foods despite the comprehension they possess on the outcome of this behavior at hand. In conducting this research assignment, I am concerned with making advancements to this particular issue since it affects the society as a whole. The effects of this obsession affect mostly the children and pregnant women.

According to Currie, Vigna, Moretti & Vikram (1-51), there has been a significant level of increase in the number of the aforementioned group of population in taking fast foods as opposed to those taking organic forms of food. The research further indicates that pregnant women and school-going children are the most vulnerable population to this menace as much as obesity is concerned. The reason given for the participation of these school-going children is dependent on the fact that they are introduced into this unhealthy behavior by there parents back at home who made them choose fast foods over organic foods.  The other reasons given for this increment in the popularity of fast foods amongst the children is the fact that they are introduced and nurtured through the consumption of sweet foods and in the process develop obesity as its aftermath. I vehemently agree with these findings because small children are the most affected group of the population as this is evident with the extensive research which is being conducted on obesity.

The major reason provided for the engagement of pregnant women to consuming fast foods is the fact that they are generally lazy and are not in a better position to fix a real meal (organic food). The research also indicates that pregnant women possessed an un-explainable craving for fast foods especially sandwiches and French fries. I seem not to agree with some portion of these findings particularly when laziness is cited as an impediment to eating well, by these pregnant women. It may be true that pregnant women find comfort in eating fast foods but laziness will definitely not be a reason to consider citing. In citing psychological reasons as the major reason for this unhealthy behavior may trigger the element of truthfulness since pregnant mothers are usually known to developing peculiar manners during the pregnancy period. It is therefore evident that the consumption of fat food keeps on increasing despite the fact that there are healthy concerns to be taken into consideration. Overconsumption of fast foods in pregnant mothers is said to result to the delivery of overgrown babies which poses as a greater risk during birth (Marriott 3-17).

  In conclusion of this research problem, it will be noticed that the efforts made in trying to establish the real causes behind the popularity of fast foods has not been determined fully. I believe that there exist more of the specific reasons which are attributed to this phenomenon. For the purpose of clarity, there need to be vast amount of resources directed towards this research problem so that the menaces of obesity disorders are minimized if not eliminated. The extensive research to be undertaken is also expected to determine possible reasons which when implemented would drive the people away from the unnecessary craving they have on fast foods. I also recommend that the state assign organizations in the health sector the mandate to sensitizing the public of the effects brought about by over consumption of fast foods.

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