Most schools in Los Angeles have not attained expected academic performances due to effects of racism. Harmful racial isolation is profound in both kindergarten and secondary schools. Consequently, this has resulted in interracial hostilities and intolerance, low self-esteem amongst student fraternity and lack of access to postsecondary opportunities by children from certain racial backgrounds. Magnet programs have been established by Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) purposely to create a conducive learning environment for students of all races. The program was initiated in order to provide services to students with different needs to enhance academic excellence.

Through the program, LAUSD offers approximately 170 programs to gather for the different needs and demands of the students.  Needs of different students are met through various magnets themes. Basing on frequently asked questions, it is clear that the magnet program is very sensitive to various educational needs of the students. All students are eligible to join the program i.e. students from European countries, physically handicapped and those who may wish to nurture and exploit their talents

Alternative Schools is one of the magnet theme which lay great emphasis on cultural and ethnic diversity. It agitates parents to bother with their children in school programs. The theme introduced critical thinking activities and independent projects in order to promote students' growth in reference academic skills and self-esteem. The second theme is Centers for Enriched Studies, and this has promoted critical thinking in various disciplines. Students under this program are assigned classes depending on their needs. Another relevant theme of the program is Communications. Through this program, LAUSD is capable of infusing technology in curriculum programs with intent of creating exciting educational programs.  Fine art is the fourth appealing theme which provides specialized training in valuable areas.

The application process is done within short timeframe and this may lock out many students. LAUSD require that applications through fax are rejected. This implies that applicants ought to access the correct email of the institution. Whenever students make several applications, only one will be processed. Children with high entry points are guarantee of securing a position in any magnet programs

Project Vote Smart is an organization which committed to creating awareness of reemerging political powers. It encourages American citizens to join hands towards understanding the intentions and the interests of politicians. This would enable the citizens to defend and strengthen democracy. In the past, politicians have used certain democratic information to deceive citizens for their common goal. With the political enlightenment, the political class would no longer get chance to pursue self-interest at the expense of the large American citizen.

Project Vote Smart has earned great deal of praise from various institutions and organizations both in United States and the outside world According to the American Political Science Association; Project Vote Smart offers valuable political information on the web Markle Foundation Study argues that the organization is superior than other media agents such as New York Times, CNN, Fox News among others. The ability of Project Vote Smart to avail valuable political information has been welcomed overwhelmingly by Los Angeles Times, the Plain Dealer and the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

Senator Harry M. Reid was elected in February 11, 2010 as U.S. Senator under Democratic Party. Basing on his biography, it is clear that Reid has gained enough experience in the political arena. He has occupied various legislative and non-legislative positions. Furthermore, the legislator has relevant professional experience which is very vital in his political career. As a senator, Reid has proved worthy as indicated by various bills and acts that he has proposed. Recently, he votes to pass a resolution to amend Continuing Appropriation Acts.

He agitates for better learning facilities as revealed in his recent speeches. In an attempt to ensure comfort of students at school, Reid awarded $2 million to Nevada Schools. From the speech dated 03/22/2011, Reid warned the Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell alongside other Senate Democrats about the negative effects interfering with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. He argued that such interferences would lead to exploitation of the consumers. From this information,  Reid is a good leader who ought to be voted in next time.

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