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Check Out Our Effect of Low Self-Esteem Essay


Self-esteem is a psychological term that refers to the general appraisal and evaluation of his/her worth. Having a high self-esteem has advantages, especially when dealing with other people. The direct opposite of this is low self-esteem. This forms the basis for arguments in this essay. Low self esteem has devastating effects on the psychology of a person, as well as his/her social life. The articles chosen for the purpose of information supply in this essay have been evaluated for the purpose of determining their credibility. However, their information cannot be considered to be 100 percent. Therefore, there are sections where the information contained has been criticized. However, these articles have been based on research that has already been carried out.

Summary of the First Study

This article is based on a research that was carried out on both low self-esteemed and high self-esteemed persons. It was concerned with the performance of these people in their everyday life. From the article, it is clear that the failure or success of a low self-esteemed individual affects his/her subsequent activities and endeavors. This research was done on a major, as well as simpler, basis. The effect of individuals in the presence of self-focusing stimuli was considered and taken into account. Low self-esteemed people seemed to be affected by their past failures. This is because these failures take their self-rating to a lower level. However, this did not have any effect of high self-esteemed people (Brockner, 1979). Whether they succeeded or failed in their past activities, did not affect their future success. Research reveals that medical practitioners have been seeking to deal with the menace of low self-esteem. However, it has always been proven hard to deal with this menace. They found the main solution to be a reduction in activities that are self-focusing.

Critique of the First Study

The research comes up with a ridiculous conclusion. To begin with, self-focusing stimuli will always exist. There is no way that one can avoid a mirror all his life. Therefore, this is not a permanent solution. Secondly, the problem that is being dealt with here is self-esteem. In this problem, self appreciation is the vital thing that lacks in the affected individuals. Therefore, if an individual knows that they are avoiding their own evaluation on purpose, that is no way to raise their self-esteem. This can lead to individuals who do not trust in themselves. Therefore, this was one part that did not favor the solution of the problem that is in question.

Summary of the Second Study

This study was not based on the issue of high or low self-esteem. It was mainly based on the stability of the self-esteem. In this research, the main tool that was used is the response that these two opposing groups have positive and negative results. On the high esteemed people, the main responses to positive feedback were acceptance and appreciation. In the occurrence of negative results, the main response observed was defensiveness and rejection. This is because they believed that they were bound and capable of receiving the required results. Therefore, any derogatory results did not seem to be theirs. However, it was a different case, on the other hand. The low self-esteemed individuals were caught by surprise when they received positive results. When derogatory results came in, they were observed to have lower defensiveness. Instead, they exhibited the wide acceptance of these results (Kernis, 1993). This shows the stretch to which low self-esteem can affect the performance of an individual in any field.

Critique of the Second Study

This article contains vital information for the inscription of this essay. However, the article has been mainly based on the problems that are associated with low self-esteem. There is a substantial need to focus on the solutions that can be suitable in this problem. However, this article has offered little explanations and a limited focus on the solutions to such problems. However, the article was entirely instrumental in the essay.

Summary of the Third Study

This article did not have as much information as some of the others. However, it was entirely relevant to the essay and research. This is because it dealt with the inconveniences that are caused by the low self-esteem. The article covered one key problem that is caused by the low self-esteem. This research was conducted on male and female undergraduates. It was mainly based on the causes of depression. For the high esteemed individuals, depression was present but at a remarkably small magnitude. However, individuals who had low self-esteem had numerous cases of depression. This article is not only supported by the results of the research. There has been more support from medical practitioners. This is because clinicians claim and state that there is a close relationship between the low self-esteem and depression. This verifies a lot, since the medical practitioners speak from the experience of the patients that they have continually handled over the years.

Critique of the Third Study

This article is not as reliable as some of the others. This is because it has been based on research which may not have been thorough. From the information offered, it is obvious that only a few resources were used in this research. This is because the people who were used in the research were few (Buttler, 1994). Therefore, making general conclusions from such a small group can be tricky. Therefore, there was a strong need to use more resources that would enable the covering of a larger number of people. With this, it can be possible to make conclusions which can be applicable to people from all over the world.

Summary of Fourth Study

The main theme of this article was the relationship between the low self-esteem and body enhancement. When people use body enhancements, they do it in order to achieve better looks. It would be the hope of every person to achieve better looks. However, this is not the case for people with a low self-esteem. This is because they suffer the fear of humiliation. These are people who would hate to try and look better, but end up not achieving it. Therefore, such people tend to focus more on the looks that they already have. They try not to lose what they already have. For this reason, it is correct to conclude that high esteemed people focus on gaining the looks that they desire, while low esteemed people try to avoid losses that are associated with the same.

Critique of Fourth Study

This article has tried to draw the relation between the body enhancement and low self-esteem. However, their explanations may not have been satisfactory. This is because thinking of different people has to be different. For the normal person, people with low self esteem have to assume that they do not have the looks that someone would wish to achieve. Therefore, they are the most likely to use body enhancements, in a bid to deal with this problem (Wood, 1994). On the other hand, people with high self-esteem are people who know and believe that they have the perfect looks. For this reason, they would be more inclined to desist from the use of body enhancements. However, this essay has covered a vital area that needs to be studied while conducting research on this topic.

Summary of Fifth Study

This study had an amusing line of thinking that introduced a whole new matter into the picture. It was based on research that tried to draw the relationships between the self-esteem and interpersonal perception. This enabled a research and analysis of the social lives of high and low self-esteemed people. There are threats that are posed to people as a result of their relation to one another. These are threats to their personality or abilities. People who have better abilities and capabilities than others always look like a threat to them. This formed the basis for this research. It was seen that after facing a threat, the low esteemed people always ended up being more likable. This means that threats did not increase the dependence of an individual. Instead, it allows for interdependence with the source of the threat. However, it was a different case for high esteemed people. Whenever there was a threat, these people ended up being less likable. This is because they are people who believe in themselves. Therefore, they believe that they can do anything better than the other people. This is a mentality that is extremely vital for the survival of an individual, with respect to his/her social life. Therefore, these individuals increase their independence when faced by any threat.

Critique of Fifth Study

This is research that brings in an interesting perspective in this research. This is a perspective that requires clear and thorough explanations for easier understanding. For this reason, the article has been more focused on the theoretical part, rather than the practical one. In every research and conclusions, it is essential to have live proof with which different people can associate and come up with their own conclusions, in relation to their personal life (Vohs 2001). Therefore, this is an article that is a pivotal tool in the development of the plot in this essay. However, more research was needed, in order to come up with a summarized and conclusive report.


The five articles have been used to exhibit the considerable relevance to the topic of discussion. They are a proof of the adverse effect that low self-esteem can have in the social life of an individual. They are proof that self-esteem is not just about being high or low. There are other factors that lead to a healthy social life for every person. From the foregoing, it is clear that low self-esteem is a problem that is faced by most people around the world. Being a global and universal factor, there are numerous problems that are associated with low self esteem. These problems are unique to the people that are affected. Therefore, it is quite easy to pick out the low self-esteem guys from a group. This is because their characteristics are different from ones of the other people. This is mainly seen when it comes to relationships between people. Low self-esteemed people have poor social skills and relations with others. This is because they do not believe that they fit into the society. As a matter of fact, they do not think that they have what it takes to deal with other people.

Low self-esteem has continually been mentioned in the world today. This has mainly been done to young people who seem to deal with insecurities at a certain age. However, the extent to which this problem can affect the life of an individual was not clear. Therefore, these researches are a reasonable explanation and proof of these problems. It is clear that it is an issue that affects every person, regardless of the age. Therefore, more research should be carried out in this matter, in order to come up with better ways of reducing this problem in the community. This is because self-esteem has ceased to be just another issue of discussion. It is a problem that needs research, in order to deal with it. This research may even include medical research. In addition to this, it should be taught in schools, so that students can determine and judge on the finest and immoral practices. This incorporation into the education systems should not only be in psychology. It should also be incorporated in other areas, so that it can cover as many individuals as possible.

Summary and Conclusions

The essay above is a clear display of a problem that did not seem to be one to many people. It was never thought of by any person that low self-esteem could have so many problems and control so many activities in the life of a person suffering from it. Therefore, this is an essay that sheds light on an extremely vital matter. This is because the low self-esteem has the absolute ability to hander anyone from achieving anything that is within their potential. Therefore, this is a matter that requires more and more research to enable evolution in the findings and solutions related to the problem.

People might be inclined to believe that self-esteem is not a problem that is as colossal as is being implied. However, this essay is a proof that it is a monumental problem. This is because the essay is not a manifestation of beliefs and research of one person. It is a comprehensive study that brings in thoughts of other people into consideration. For this reason, there is enough proof on the size of this problem. There is no way that numerous writers and researchers can come up with a similar, and yet wrong, conclusion. This is a problem that needs to be addressed to individuals, right from a tender age.

Applications and Solution of Problems by Research Results

There are different areas, in which the research and findings in this essay can be applied. To begin with, it is clear that low self-esteem affects the old and the young. The essay shows that some adults suffer from adverse effects due to this problem. The extent to which some adults are affected can be shocking. Therefore, the effect that this would have on a small child can be depressing and problem-causing. This is because a small child has no ability to cope with enormous problems, as an adult would. This shows the need for application of these findings in the schools. If the children are sensitized of this menace and the problems associated, then, it would cease to be a problem to them. This can lead to a whole new generation that has reduced cases of self-esteem. This is because the most effective change is one that is conducted on younger people. This is because they have the ability to change and transform the future.

Apart from this application in schools, the findings of this essay should also be applied at the home level. This should be the role of parents. In the past, there have been parents who have mainly focused on the negative sides of their children (Vohs, 2001). They often talk about their incapability and limitations. This is a factor that can cause a serious effect on the child in the future. The results of this can be the unimaginable. That is why the cases of suicide among young people have increased cumulatively. For this reason, it is the role of all parents to encourage their children. Apart from this encouragement, there is another critical factor. They should teach their children the importance of focusing on their strengths. This is because no one can be disappointed by areas that they are skilful at. With this, it can be possible to have a whole new generation that has healthy lifestyles, free of low self-esteemed people.

The last application area would be the social media. It is clear that the posing of treats in the mind of a low self-esteemed person can be disturbing. However, this is something that occurs on a daily basis, due to the social media. This is because the media create beliefs in the minds of people, through the things that they do continuously. For example, they give their views of perfect looks and images. This can be extremely disturbing for people with a low self-esteem. This is because it makes them think that they are not ideal for a public viewing. This gives rise to considerable insecurities. The social media should put more emphasis on diversity, rather than focus on one aspect, and result in the psychological harm in the minds of few people. With this start, it can be extremely possible to deal with this menace.

Areas for Future Research and Ideas for Further Study in the Topic

There are several ideas through which this research can be conducted to obtain better results. One of these ideas is the application of stability of the self-esteem, rather than high or low esteem. This should be done on the life of individuals. Therefore, research can be based on life stories of different people to study the fluctuations that have taken place in their lives. This is a brilliant idea, since it can show and prove the importance of having stable self-esteem. The second idea includes the incorporation of self-esteem of groups. These groups can be as large as a whole nation. It is clear that there are certain groups of people that even shy away from engaging in relations with other people. This is an area that is also worth studying. This is a brilliant idea, since it can act as a proof of the extent to which self-esteem can be self-distracting. The other idea that can be used in this research is the incorporation of social status. When research is carried out, the social status of the individuals should be considered. This is because the cases of low self-esteem may be triggered by this factor. The good thing about this idea is that it does not only focus on capabilities of an individual. It also deals with the position in which they lie in the society. This brings in three main suggestions of the areas of study. These include the personal lives of individuals, the association of people in groups and the conduct of research in areas of uniform social status.

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