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This paper posits to educate the general public and especially the young generation on the dangers and the potential risks that are associated with teenage pregnancies. The major emphasis dwells on the provision of easy access to condoms as a measure of preventing the occurrence of pregnancies among the teens. It has therefore been imperative to explore the past literature that has been done in the past to come up with the trend of teenage pregnancies and the potential consequences associated with the issue. More updated and first hand information has necessitated for conducting a study among teens who are in the process of completing their education in secondary and tertiary institutions.

Research aims and objectives

The aim of this paper is to determine the contribution of providing an easy access of condoms to teenagers in an attempt of preventing the occurrence of pregnancies especially among students in high schools and colleges. The effectiveness of the use of condoms in reducing instances of diseases especially HIV infection is an issue of paramount importance in this topic.

Teenagers should be enlightened on the risks associated with irresponsible and premarital sex to shield them against teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

The fact that a teen becomes pregnant is an issue that is associated with dramatic changes in the economic as well as the educational prospects of the teen especially as is the case with girls. Exposing such a teen to the responsibility of caring for a baby at such an early stage leads to a very difficult time while the teen is supposed to complete studies possibly in high school and later attend college. The status of pregnancy may also have a considerable impact on the prospects for getting a good job and it is a possible way to poverty. The parents of the teen are also considerably affected by this situation (Fagan, et al.).

Considering the view point that the teens shall always be compelled to indulge in sexual activities calls for the need for an easy access of condoms and this fact has prevailed for a substantial period of time since the past. In appreciable number of European countries, the provision of condoms is done freely in most of the schools. The question one is supposed to ask is whether they are actually effective towards the achievement of the purpose that they are chiefly meant to meet. The primary purpose relates to the decrease in the rates of occurrence of teen pregnancies in addition to the venereal diseases (Mayor,  1152).

Literature review

The available statistics indicate that over 460 000 newborn to teens are evident every year. This is enough justification to look at the issue of teenage pregnancies and give a thought to the consideration of availing condoms to the teens in an attempt of checking the high rates of pregnancies amongst this class of mothers. The importance of the issue is further propped by the fact that these newborn children lack the necessities required for their development in to productive as well as stable citizens in the future. The issue is also a source of inspirations to the general public in helping minimize this problem (East, 156).

This is a never ending dilemma in most of schools along with tertiary colleges that concerns most of the parents, the government as well as the officials of the schools and colleges where teens are actively involved in premarital sex. The issue is on the rise and a great concern is that the issue beyond control. The involvement of teens in premarital sex is a major problem because of the likely consequences of diseases as well as possible pregnancies that may result. Among the potential resolution that has been proposed is the provision of condoms in these institutions of learning (Maynard, 267). However, the issue has met with considerable dispute due to its controversial nature. A segment of the population are for the opinion that easy access of condoms to the teens is a positive development while others are for the opinion that it is likely to complicate the situation even further. The argument behind easy access to condoms is based on the fact that unsafe sex is consequential to unanticipated pregnancies and diseases that are sexually transmitted (Mayor, 1152).

Another perspective to the issue is that this step might not be helpful. There has been a continuous rise in these rates and gruesome cases which continue to arise with the increase in the rate of pregnancies among teens of ages 13 and 14. This based on the failure of the provision of condoms in cultivating safety in sexual behaviors but it cultivates a high degree of irresponsibility. In the situation that they are unavailable, the great likelihood is that the teens will have a greater understanding the consequences and unpleasant nature of indulging in the act. They will also realize that the act is greatly shunned in the society that they belong (Allen, 68).

The teens living in modern times who have been brought up with a notion that it is quite in order to involve in sexual behaviors at any age with any partner and they are encouraged to access the condoms easily are likely to lack preconceptions of this nature. Their belief is that the resulting negative consequences are able to be averted by exercising safe sex (Makinson, 132-9).

The involvement of the parent is likely to significantly impact on the prevention of teen pregnancy. It is the duty of the parents to educate the young on realities allied to involvement in premarital sex. This will most likely lead to a better understanding of the actual realities and enhance their capabilities towards making the most appropriate decisions. The contribution of the enlightening of the parents to their children leads to the creation of a distinct boundary between facts and myths that surround sexual involvement, the occurrence of pregnancy and also the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. This is a better approach compared to leaving the duty of discovery from peers who may lack sufficient knowledge on the issues. Regular discussions on issues of sex between the parents and their teens open the door for further consultation on the best approach of preventing early pregnancies (Tamkins, 214).

In arguing about the easy access to condoms prevent teenage pregnancies, it is important to consider important facts about early pregnancies. Such mothers may have more children as compared to the ones who successfully completed their education, engaged in career and married later in their life. The bodies of young women undergo early maturity as a result of their exposure to some plastics and therefore they have a greater probability of exposure to sexual intercourse (Makinson, 132-9).

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Research methodology

This section spells out the procedures and the methods that the researcher can employ in achieving the objectives of the project so highlighted in the abstract of this paper. It defines location of the study, research procedures and analysis plan that would be put in consideration when carrying out this particular research. The research is supposed to start with the clear understanding of the research objectives as well as the hypothesis. Success of the project will depend on the provision of satisfying information in line with the objectives and hypothesis.

Quantitative and qualitative data

There are two main ways in implementing the activity of the research on easy access to condoms prevent teenage pregnancies, 'Quantitative research' and 'Qualitative research'. The Qualitative data are data which are based on meanings spoken through words or personal expressions from the respondents. Qualitative analysis of data is one of the major methods for data compilation, interpersonal interviews.

Quantitative analysis of data is a process that is based on the amount of data collected from the identified materials (sources such as Educational journals on Easy Access to Condoms to Prevent Teenage Pregnancies, scientific libraries et cetera) such information are often accurate and not prone to human manipulations (Maynard, 267).

Research methods

Another aspect that is of great significance in this research on easy access to condoms prevent teenage pregnancies would be the research strategy. It's the research strategy shows which methods a researcher adapts to answer the research objectives or questions. There are types of research strategies that can be employed in conducting a research study. These include experiments, case studies, survey, theoretical perspectives, cross-sectional and longitudinal studies. It is imperative to examine some of these strategies while paying particular attention to the case study method which will be applied in this particular research (Makinson, 132-9).

Validity and Reliability of Results

A debate about the findings of the preceding literatures on Easy Access to Condoms to Prevent Teenage Pregnancies inevitably includes a discussion of 'research', normally referring to the way in which the data were collected". This research being a phenomenological, all questions are related to theoretical characteristics discussed in literature preview. The process would therefore be accurate in collecting, analyzing and sampling data; hence the validity of result would be quite high. Considering that there are many different aspects of validity, which influence the validity of the research in general. 

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Ethical consideration

The participants shall be supplied with different questionnaires based on specific areas of interests. The approval or the disapproval of implementation of the program should be based on its merits and demerits as determined after conducting the research. All the participants shall be given their respectively informed consent for the purpose of participation in the research. They shall be informed prior to the research, the purposes, the potential benefits as well as the risks that might be associated with their participation. Ethical standards shall be considered in the process of the procedures of the research.

It is an ethical requirement that all the people taking part in this study shall be informed about the rationale of the research and the intentions of the researcher by means of an introductory letter that shall be sent to them. All the findings  taken care of  higher levels of confidentiality and as a matter of ethics, none of the sources, be it personal or at organization level, shall correlated with any particular observation, nor shall any comment be associated without explicit permission from the source. All the information gathered during the interviews shall be treated as confidential and every individual participant shall be given full rights of anonymity. All interviewees shall be treated with high degree of respect and esteem.

Although the condoms have been proposed to curb early and unwanted pregnancies in addition to the possibilities of contacting diseases that are sexually transmitted, accessing the condoms to the teens is still a controversial issue. The parents of these teens would feel betrayed because it is not morally right for their children to be exposed to activities of sex at early ages. The view of the parents is that their children should be morally upright and wait until the right time for these acts. Abstinence is what the parents can possibly advocate for their children because most societies are deeply religious and they advocate for living a clean life. The provision of sexual education in schools is a positive contribution to their moral standards although this should not be linked to advocating for the use and easy access of condoms to the teens.

One of the most important reasons to advocate against the easy accessibility of condoms is the importance of abstinence which is considered to the most effective means of preventing pregnancies in addition to the sexually transmitted diseases. It is according to the desire of the entire world to bring close to zero the rate of teenage pregnancies, STD's and most importantly the HIV infections. It has been reported that the rate of HIV infection is higher in women and especially the teenage girls who are highly sexually active as compared to men of similar age.

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