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Focusing on the Debra L. Friedkin site situated in Texas, it is clear that the chronological events indicate the presence of human figures in the continent of North America. This has been proved through evidence collected which include the availability of ancient stone tools. These artifacts, some which date between 13,200 and 15,500 years were unearthed through research led by Martin R. Waters, a scholar from the A&M University in Texas.

Waters believes that by finding the Holy Grail as he terms it is a great achievement. Though his discovery is supported by evidence collected, he has received doubts from skeptics who think that his type of research could never be at par with the standards of research such as carbon dating.

Other research works have reported evidence on human artifacts in Africa which date back to 1.5 million years. Research suggests that Attirampakkam located in the Kortallayar river basin provides assistance to anthropologists by understanding how human beings dispersed from Africa into Asia. This was made possible by researchers such as Shanti Pappu who was much more optimistic in his findings just like Waters was.

Through unearthing these artifacts, they help maintain and preserve the true definition of art as these artifacts serve as evidence to knowing what early humans used to go about their day-to-day life. By this, we are able to understand where the origin of human beings through to the present time.


Research conducted by researchers such as Waters and Pappu give true the definition concerning artifacts that were used by early human beings. In regard to this, the researchers have dedicated their time and effort to come up with these findings and therefore other researchers should try to share ideas to support such findings as through ancient findings, we are able to depict our origin in a more structured manner.

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