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Diffusion of innovation theory tries to make clear how, why and the rate at which news or fresh idea spread through many channels to people. The diffusion of innovation helped the citizens of America in New York and Washington to understand the effects of terrorist attacks in the making and received the information efficiently. The framework used in the diffusion of innovation is the actor network theory (Rogers and Everett, 1962). Although the news was perceived as salient, it diffused rapidly. The attack occurred, but within three hours, all the respondents had heard about the news.

The social choice in the development and diffusion of the news that was capital intensive depended on its technical and functional excellence. The differential aspect in the respondents that were involved in transmitting information was involved. With the news having been perceived, individuals reacted in different ways. This shows that when innovation diffuses, different actors perceive it differently (Wejnert, 2002). The information diffused faster and evoked a sense of patriotism and emotions.

Diffusion of innovation relates to innovation in that any innovation spreads rapidly among the actors involved as the United States attack spread within three hours. It also evokes some emotional reaction from people and result to particular reaction (Everett, 1983). New information always diffuses through a society in that there exist the innovation or the idea itself, the communication channels that innovation will be passed on to other individuals. The aspect of time is also common as the innovation decision period, the rate of transfer ad adoption of the innovation. There also exist forms of the social system, which is an asset of interrelated units that are engaged and involved in joint problem solution for a common objective.

The article on the attacks was a good experience and illustration in clearly highlighting the concept of diffusion of innovation. In the article, there must be a happening or innovation like the attack, channels of transmission and social system or reaction for diffusion of news or idea to occur, as it was in the attack news. We have been at times quick adaptors to aspect of communication but also part of the late majority in some aspects like a response to the terrorist attack. Some aspects of responses to terrorist attacks included trigger in emotions of the citizens, raising the component of patriotism and sympathy to the affected.

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