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A Nikola Tesla was lived between 10th July 1856 and 7th January 1942. Tesla was born to Serbian parents in the village of Smiljan; in the Austrian empire (modern day Croatia) and hence he was subject of Austrian empire by birth. He was born fourth of five children and schooled at Higher Real Gymnasium in Karlovac and finished a four year term in a span of only three years. He then in 1895 studied electrical engineering at an Austrian polytechnic in Graz w her he studied on the uses of alternating current but failed to finish his third year before cutting links with his parents and friends and moved the Marbug the modern day Slovenia where he worked as an assistant engineer for a period of one year.

Tesla suffered fro modern-day synesthetes where he would envision things sin realistic detail and even provide solutions to his previous problems (Cheney, 147). Tesla also had photographic memory where he would read many works and memorize them. Also experiences picture thinking where he would visualize invention win his mind with extreme precision. He later moved to France where he worked as an electrician in a telecommunication company and in 1884 he moved to United States where he immediately begun working for Edison Machine works. While in united sates he became influences by artist like magazine editor Robert Underwood and Vedic philosophy on teaching of Swami Vivekananda and was even used Sanskrit words to name his fundamental concepts of matter and energy.

Tesla had an eccentric personality and unbelievably believed in the bizarre claims of possible technological and scientific developments and this later in his life earned him the name mad scientist.Tesla was an inventor, an electrical and mechanical engineer, who have his name held against the birth of commercial electricity with revolutionary developments during the 19th and 20th centuries in the field of electromagnetism. The modern alternating current poly phase system used in electrical distribution and AC motor as well as the electric power systems are based on his patents and theoretical work. In addition, Tesla through his extensive Works on electromechanical engineering he also contributed to the development of robots, use of remote controls, radar technology and computer science while expanding on fields of ballistics, nuclear and theoretical physics. He is on e of the scholars who heavily contributed to ushering in the second industrial revolution (Tesla, 67).

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In general, Tesla invented florescent lighting, Tesla induction motor, Tesla coil and developed alternating current supplying system consisting of motor, 3-phase electricity and a transformer. He also takes the credit of inventing the modern radio and in his lifetime he was granted one hundred patents with numerous unpatented inventions. Tesla died of heart failure at age of 86 in a hotel in New York City with debts and little funds in his name has he never placed his focus on his finances. Tesla left a legacy as the SI unit Tesla (T) for measuring magnetic flux density was named in to honor him in 1960 in Paris at the Conf‚rence G‚n‚rale des Poids et Mesures. However, the Institute of IEEE (Electrical and Electronics Engineers) was created an award to recognize him and finally a crater in the far side of the moon and a minor planet 2244 are both named Tesla after him.

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