Deregulation occurs when the government moves to reduce its control of various industries to allow players in the industries more autonomy and freedom. Deregulation comes with a number of benefits to the companies affected and, in most cases, such companies have been able to perform much better than they did before. In the air industry, deregulation would lead to an increase in the number of operators as many smaller companies join the industry. This would lead to more competition increasing the quality of air transport services in the industry (Wensveen, 2007).  This competition would also instill new safety standards in the industry as companies struggle to outcompete each other leading to reduced cases of air accidents and other problems associated with air transport.

Family crisis

The word family crisis has been variously defined in the sociological parlance. Still, many scholars are agreed that a family crisis involve a disturbance or shift in the equilibrium that adversely affects the institution of the family. In the face of family crisis, the functioning of the family is often altered with many family systems failing. Members of the family consequently fail to perform their roles and obligations and the family fabric is torn into pieces.

Assessment of family crises is done using two main approaches: The ABC-X model and the double ABC-X model. Each of these models is based on three factors. The first factor, signified by letter A, is the stressor. This is the event or thing that leads to the crisis in question. The second factor, B, is the family recourses and the third, C is the meaning to which the stress factor is attached by the family. In double ABC-X approach, the first stressor is perceived as having piled up and many resources are considered. C is taken to signify the family’s perception of a number of stressor factors including the initial stressor factor and the present one (McKenry & Price, 2005).

There are many possible causes of family crisis. Nevertheless, there are a number of factors considered to be the leading cause of family crises. These include money issues, infidelity or the absence of commitment to marriage by the partners and issues of children in marriages. The best way to tackle family crises is thus addressing these factors identified as its major causes.

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