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The purpose of conducting this research study is to get to know the issues affecting workers at their workplaces especially stock brokers. Brooking of stocks is known to be one of the stressful professions in the business world. The purpose of specifying on stock broker is to identify the leading causes of depression and the challenges they face, since this occupation is disliked. This paper contains the steps to be taken in conducting the research and also analyzing the data collected. There is also the way of dealing with unavoidable stress in work places that lead to depression if one does not seek medical attention. Although depression is cured by some medication, healthy food and taking responsibilities properly to avoid anxiety one needs to face life in a positive manner. Life is not easy and one should appreciate what he or she has.

Depression can be defined as, a prolonged sadness and a disorder that affects the mood and the social interaction of a person. It is also a psychological condition whereby one is not able to think or act normally due to the negative situation surrounding him or her. Depression is known to have negative effects on the work performance and the ability to cope with people properly. Nowadays depression has become part of the modern lifestyle. Depression in workplaces has now spread and touched almost all professions, starting with the white-collar jobs to the manual jobs. This has seriously affected the health of many, leading to reduced performances at workplaces. There is a point where one is forced to seek medical attention or psychological advice.

Depression has its symptoms which may sometime be dangerous. They are; physical disorders such as headaches and stomach ulcers, loss of concentration almost every time, insomnia, extreme anger, substance abuse, anxiety and conflicts with family and friends. Even though the symptoms seem to be noticeable, the victim may not be able to identify them unless some else intervene and help before it is too much. Depression develops in stages according to the time the victim has been exposed to the causes of the depression. There are several causes of depression in workplaces depending on the profession one takes.

Competition in the modern world has made employers pressure employees, in order to fit in the competition at higher levels. Managers and directors have set unrealistic goals for the employees, and pressuring them to achieve them. Coping with the other workmates at workplaces can sometime be so stressful due to different backgrounds. Most companies have their owns cultures and adjusting to their system can sometime be so stressful. Conflicting with the workmates can be a cause of depression if one is provoked by small things. Although it is advantageous to have a close relation with the other colleagues at workplaces, it may be hard to deal with other people, and the best solution is to stay away.

The expansion of technology has brought to the invention of computers, cell phones, pagers, and Internet among others. These equipments are effective and work under high speed, this pressures the employee since he or she is expected to have high productivity due to the efficiency of the equipment used. The employees are also required to keep on learning the new software as the technology progress. The employees live with the fear of losing their jobs due to lack of knowledge of the modern technology. The pressure of trying to catch up with the latest technology has been among the major causes of depression at workplaces.

The stiff competition that is locally and internationally, have brought pressure among employees in different workplaces. The competition has made people use the best of their knowledge and skills in their profession to avoid losing their jobs to more experienced people. This has made employees spend most of their time researching on the better and advanced skills in order to compete with the more learned people and secure their jobs. Others have even gone back to school in order to remain competitive so as to protect their jobs. It has been difficult to work and at the same time studying during part times. This has made people lack enough time to spend with their families and focus on business matter. Family or other physical problems might also cause depression at work places. One is never able to concentrate or even relate well within the other employees due to the rude mood brought by depression.

There will be more than 300 participants and each province will be represented by ten participants. If one has been suffering from depression lately or anyone with severe depression problem and has been diagnosed by a physician may be eligible for this experimental research study. The ratio of men to women should 1:1 and any one from any race is allowed to participate. The age of the participants should be between 18 and 54 years of old. The participants should be not in abuse of any drugs or alcohol and those who may be willing to quit may also be taken according to the final results. Although also the others can be considered and taken, the most needed professions are stock brokers. The participants in this research will be assigned randomly in to two groups; one group will receive actual medication for depression, while the other receive no medication and will instead take placebo. There will also be some medical test in the study site in order to prove the condition described by the participants. The participant in the two groups should think that they have both taken the actual medication for depression.

There will be questionnaires to fill, interviews and presentation of the needed documents. Birth certificate and any document that may describe the health condition of someone may be needed in order to select the best participants. The participants who will be taken should take the depression medication on daily basis for 72 hours. The medication will be given for free to people who will qualify. After the 3 days of medication, the participants will attend several medical visits in order to identify the effect of the medication provided. The medicines provided have no side effects, and are suitable for people above 18 years old. This will be the beginning of better things to come. After the medication there will be a trip for a vacation to Brazil so as to relieve the mind of the participants from depression. This will be part of the medication provided by the experimental research study. The participants should be someone ready to leave his or family for some time and obey all the rules and regulation in the research study. For those who cannot go to the research site, they should fill the forms online or contact the research team. This will ensure that everyone is helped and the research team succeeds in getting the required information.

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The research study will need a couple of medical instruments, especially for distinguishing the most affected between men and women and the rage of the age of the most affected persons. There should be instruments for collecting data, and this may be through writing or recording the conversations or even shooting a video. Questionnaires will be one of the methods used in data collection before one is interviewed. The research team should be prepared with answers to the possible questions that may be asked by the participants. For example, what are the benefits of this research study? , Who are the people that will access the data collected? , How long will the research study take? And what are the risks and sides effects of the medication provided?

Although video shooting will not be preferred by most of the participants in protecting the privacy of their problems, it is required in order to prevent corruption in the study site. The team members conducting the research will not practice corruption knowing that they are taped by cameras. The questionnaires should have questions concerning the personal information that can be used to identify him or her, the purpose of participating in the research, the reaction of one if the medication provided works, and finally the way forward after the research study. They should also have succession stories of other research study in order to motivate those who may be thinking of giving up. In order to succeed in the research study, money should not be a problem. The exercise need guards to ensure security and peace in the research site, the are several tents where the participants will fill the questionnaires, and finally money to cater for the expenses of the instruments used, and the trip provided by the research study team.

These are the methods and the way to go about the research study. The best and modern designs should be used in order to attract many participants and the same time ensure the right and enough data is collected. This applies to the questions in the questionnaires, the interviewing process and the way things are conducted in the research study site. The instruments and materials used should be able to give correct and accurate results after the medical tests. They should also be fast and effective to ensure that time is not wasted and there are no long queues, and there are no participants who are going home due to the slow conduction of the research. The time and place of the research study should be convenient for everyone. The research study should not be done on a busy day and instead it should be done on an appropriate date and time.

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The people do not like giving much information on their personal lives and to avoid these questions to be asked should be about the medical experiences of the participants and not their personal information. The question in should be like; how long have been in this condition, the possible causes of the depression, the steps taken to control this condition, the number of the diagnoses the participants have gone through, the medication used in the past, and what will the participant do if depression is cured. Other people consider people with depression to be lazy or irresponsible. This affects victims of depression and their condition even becomes worse. As we know, depressed people have no appetite and their bodies are likely to get health disorder such as stomach ulcers and others. In order to restore their appetite and their happiness towards life, counseling should be done in order to make them face life positively and forget the past.

The aim of the research study is not only testing the new medication for depression, but also getting to know of the experiences of people affected with depression. There are several steps for the research study to end successfully. This will be:

Proposed analysis

This is the outcome of the research study and after collecting the needed information the conclusions are made. Men have fewer depression cases than women although the number of those affected is still high. Women are known to have the highest population compared to men in the world. This means, the number of women suffering from depression is as much as their population.

Depression is a condition of the mind because the group that took depression medication and the one that did not were both cured. The participant convinced their mind that they were cured and they got cured. This proves that depression is just a condition of the mind where by one think negatively towards life experiences. Although depression is caused by pressure from the surrounding and too much stress it can still be controlled. One can do this by,

When one is under severe stress, it is hard to make right decisions and it is advisable to seek psychological help because one may make decision that will regret for the rest of his or her life. Stress that lead to depression has been part of the lifestyle nowadays, and the only way to control them is finding skills of managing them.

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