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Demographics refer to the current characteristics of a population based on statistics. These statistics keep changing from time to time. This essay mainly deals with the statistics of Washington D.C. Metropolitan area. This capital clearly displays ethical diversity with above 600,000 people as at 2011 statistics. The essay mainly dwells on the older adults who may have an effect on nursing care delivery in the near future. This is because an aging population is likely to place higher demands with regards to health care. Therefore, the importance of this essay cannot be doubted.

Demographics of Older Adults in Washington D.C

The number of people approaching 60 years and above in Washington D.C is continually increasing. According to statistics, the number of people above 65 years of age is expected to double in the next twenty or thirty years. This means that 2030, one out of five Americans shall be above 60 years. These people who make up the aging population mostly work in the public service. The greatest consumers of health care services are the people within this age group.

Most of the people in Washington reside on its out skirts. They lead an active life that incorporates hobbies, travel and sports. However, the health of people above fifty years is poorer than that of the same age twelve years earlier. This is caused by cases of alcohol, psychiatric problems and chronic health conditions (U.S government 2011).  Epidemic obesity is the main reason for the poor health. This is because it increases the risk to diabetes and other conditions. Statistics show that three quarters of this group above 65 years have chronic disorders. These statistics prove two main factors. The first factor is that the Washington D.C population, as well as the whole America population, is aging. This bears another factor that the requirements in the health sector have, and will continue to, increase. Therefore, there is a significant impact on health care and nursing requirements by the aging of this population.

Impact on Nursing

The impact that old age has on the health of a population cannot be exhausted. People aged 65 and above are likely to suffer from many disorders. Therefore, their medical care can be complicated. Therefore, the graying of the Washington D.C population has got the medical practitioners worried. At old age, the output of the heart declines. The calcium in the teeth and bones migrates to the blood vessels (Miller 2008). This means that they grow weaker and weaker. The functioning of key organs such as the liver and the kidney deteriorates. However, these factors do not result to direct disability.

Chronic conditions, such as diabetes, are frequent in the older population. Due to their poor immunity, they are fragile and susceptible to these disorders. This is condition and problem faced in Washington D.C. However, these disorders can be dealt with through proper and early management. This means that nursing care delivery has to be better in the near future. This is with the assumption that the older population will continue to increase (Hudson 2010). In the  past, there have been improvements in various areas on the health sector due to this change of American demographics. There have been increased eye, hearing and dental problems within the population in Washington. This is the case that is expected in about 20 years to come.


There are many factors that can affect nursing care delivery. The essay above shows the aging of the population in Washington D.C and the effects on nursing care delivery. It is clear that there is a need to improve the health care facilities, as well as the qualifications of the medical staff, in response to this factor. This is because the older population has developed improved ways and styles of living which enables them to reach the age.

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