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A combination of exploratory, descriptive and explanatory research is adopted in this study.  According to Keith (2003), an exploratory research is carried out when a problem is not clearly defined or when its real scope is uncertain. It provides the researcher with the opportunity of familiarizing him/herself with the concept or problem to be studied as well as the definition of the hypothesis to be tested. Blaikie (2009) asserts that it is regarded as the initial research and helps in the determination of the best data collection method, research design and selection of subjects. In addition, the research is conducted in order to test the concepts before availing them in the market. It depends mostly on secondary research, for instance, reviewing of existing literature, informal discussions with employees, customers, competitors and management, as well as other formal approaches such as focus groups, case studies and in-depth interviews.

The purpose of this kind of research is to give an insight into a certain situation and not to aid in decision-making. A descriptive research is down played by many as just a ‘mere description,’ but a good description is essential to any research institution and it has made an immense contribution to our body of knowledge of the nature and shape of our society. A good research description will aggravate the explanatory research “why’ questions. It seeks to ask the reasons behind a certain phenomenon. Blaikie (2009) explains an explanatory research as that which is conducted for exploring certain behaviour in the market. This kind of research can be carried out through using random sampling, questionnaires, group discussions, surveys and interviews. Explanatory research seeks to explain a phenomenon in details as well as enrich and build the reasons in the wake of a theory. In addition, it seeks to establish answers for ‘why’ questions, and determine the best answers among the reasons given. In case of an existing theory, it focuses on testing its principles or predictions.

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