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Cybercrime is used to refer to any kind of crimes involving the computer and the Network system as the main tools of perpetration. The issues which surround cyber crime have become highly sophisticated, in particular those which involve hacking, the copyright infringement, cyber crime also involves the loss of privacy where the available confidential information stored in the computer memory is misplaced or intercepted, unlawfully. (Moore, 2005)
The Advanced forms of cybercrime have resulted into new breed offenses which typically involve the theft of information, the resources, and funds online. High-tech cyber crimes can cost the on line consumers in terms of goods, services and information.

Current and new types of cyber crime faced
Cyber Fraud
Cyber Fraud is the most common and significant type of crime, and cover versatile of facets, such as fraud in cyber auction, VoIP phishing, identity stealing
Cyber terrorism

Cyber terrorism is the use of the Internet based attacks to perpetrate the terrorist activities which include the acts of deliberate disruption caused on the computer networks, this is mostly on the personal computers that have internet connections; this can be through the software based tools such as the computer viruses. Cyber terrorism is basically the deployments of the terrorist organizations; to disrupt by attacking the information systems with the aim of creating the widespread alarm and panic.

Cyber terrorism targets the computer networks without necessarily affecting its computer infrastructure. Different governments in the world are concerned about the potential damages that are caused by cyber terrorism; consequently this calls for the official responses from the government agencies.
Terrorist activities such as Bombing, the Information warfare and System attack can cause the distributed denial of service and the system penetration can cause the system to fail.

Hacking, cracking

Potential risks can be caused on the through Hacking, this is the Social engineering practice to cause system intrusion, the break-ins, and the unauthorized access into the system.

Social crimes

These includes actions (such as cyber Stalking), Fraudulent acts like replay, impersonation, interception) Information bribery, Spoofing, and the system intrusions.

Industrial espionage

These include the economic exploitation, the confidential Information theft, Intrusion into the personal privacy, the social engineering, and the unauthorized system access into the classified, proprietary, or the technology-related Information). This happens in the companies, the foreign governments and other government interests.

The Insiders

These are the poorly trained, disgruntled, malicious, negligent, dishonest, or the terminated employees who may have worked with the information systems and have knowledge on how it operates. These can be through the assaults to the employees, Blackmailing, Browsing of the proprietary Information, the Information bribery, Input of falsified/corrupted data, Interception, and the use of then Malicious programs such as the viruses, the Selling of the personal information, the System bugs/System sabotage and the Unauthorized system access.

System security

Technology its affects to the criminals, How it affects security and How to secure systems in the future
High-technology computer crimes are promoted by technological advancements that affect the on-line computer users. Rapid development in the Internet connection has heightened the security concerns. The recent development is the embedded systems which are connected to the company intranets or the Internet. These network connections can greatly enhance the embedded system's usefulness and capacity. It also increases the system's vulnerability to attack by opening a door for potentially harmful programs. The Embedded systems with network conditions find use in the growing range of information systems applications. Through the pervasive network technology, cyber crime is now ramping over areas, the regions, and the countries (Mann & Sutton ,1998)

Future law enforcement actions

Jurisdictional boundaries (US, States, Overseas) Laws have been set up which aims at increasing the internet privacy protection, the federal laws set up in the United States is based on the following legislations in the case of United States.
Future Laws needed; Constitutional rights & Law enforcement roll.

USA Patriot Act

This Act was enacted in October 2001 by former US President Bush, it aims at enhancing the law enforcement investigatory tools that helps in investigating the online activities, and discourages the terrorist acts within the United States computer networks and around the world. This act helps in the reduce the restrictions in order to allow the law enforcement agencies to search for various means of combating the computer crimes and investigating of networked communication links such as the telephone, e-mail, and the internet in general, this paves the way to obtain the foreign intelligence (Warren & Jay 2002).

Electronic Communications Privacy Act

It outlaws anybody from revealing of the electronic information that contains a few exceptions. Under this Act the ISP is allowed to view all the private e-mail messages if the sender is suspected of having made attempts to damage the computer systems that are interconnected through the internet system or attempting to cause harm to another user. The ISP is also allowed to reveal information in the message if the sender or recipient has disclosed it. The information on personal information can also be revealed for the court order or the law enforcement agencies' requirement.

In the United States the agencies include; the Federal Trade Commission, the Secret Service, and the state attorney general are offices. This act allows the federal agencies to assign the personnel to act as the cyber cops. The Federal government in the United States has introduced the legislations which proscribe the using the computers in a way that intentionally harasses the recipient.

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