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Different leaders in different areas and regions across the world have used and still continue to use different methods of leadership. The method of leadership that these leaders used is normally derived from the type of subjects under leadership, and one of the methods of the leadership that they use is the contingency approach towards leadership. Contingency approach towards leadership, otherwise called the situational approach, depicts and works under the assumption that there are no definite set rules and principles that leaders should apply in their leadership. This opinion, therefore, holds that leaders should apply various principles and rules upon their subjects going by the current situations affecting these subjects. At the same time, this approach in leadership gives room for leaders, knowing well that they can also make mistakes (Hunt, 2004, p. 90).

According to Fielder’s research, for example, this is the best and most applicable approach of leadership in democratic countries and states. In the twenty first century, where many countries in the developed, developing and even the underdeveloped countries are seeking to achieve democracy, this is the best strategy to use in order to achieve the same. It is, however, necessary to note that contingency approach does not work and apply in all areas and forms of leadership. This is due to the fact that different forms of leadership seek to achieve different outcomes and yields. One of the examples that contingency approach can not apply is in a dictatorial form of leadership, and examples of this form of leadership are the military camps. According to Fielder’s research, military situations can not accommodate situational approach to leadership, since this is a form of leadership that has specific goals and targets that it seeks to achieve (Carlisie, 2003, p. 116). 

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