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Conflict refers to the struggling of between or at least two or more people that are interdependent from each other due to perceiving achievements that are not compatible and ends up to interference, from both of them in attaining their goals. The conflict brings about assumptions that are harmful, and its impacts are negative, though this has a negative impact, the intergroup conflicts should be seen as a light in a positive way. There are things ignored, but they can end up bringing fresh ideas to some extent, and brings benefits in analyzing a problem which can further lead to solutions. Although conflicts are not that negative, they produce behaviors that are negative. Conflicts begin in a manner that is constructive, and ends up escalating in a way that is destructive. This causes it to move beyond, just wanting to show the opinion on how to attack the opponent. The main purpose the paper is to analyze styles and tactics of conflicts, adopted by Amy and Meredith towards each other in the film “The Family stone”.

When this happens, it reduces the effectiveness of the group even in settling the issues. This mostly arises among the inter groups in the team based learning where conflicts come as a result of team based learning in chapter 5,conflict creates no comfort; thus, this becomes unhealthy, though it is not unnecessary rubbish, it sometimes aims at bringing some assumptions that are negative. Conflicts mostly found in leadership positions, and to some extent it produces changes that are quite positive when the leaders solve conflicts effectively problems also increases. When conflicts exceed communication apply as a key to making it diminish or making it continue, the two involving parties should keep in touch so that they can negotiate on how to cease the conflict. Communication can be effective or rather worsen depending on the force that the inter groups are applying toward the other. When communication is in the process, it takes place into two parts: The dimensions content-in this content, which involves the goals and the aspects that can be seen such as finance or rather the environmental factors. The other communication is the relationship dimension which involves the way in which the interpersonal groups relate to each other.

Conflicts Styles and Facts

Conflict resolution is a method in which the processes used in facilitating the ends of conflicts are addressing from the two parties. The ideologies and the conflicting motives can be resolved by the inter groups through communication of information resulting to conflicts.

Conflict Style Avoidance

This conflict style is in use when a person reduces the concern for their own results, as well as the results of others. During the conflict, the parties develop an attitude which needs to wait and see its possible outcomes. The group members have a concern for satisfying their personal needs than the needs of the other members. The differences that arise lead to generation of different styles in conflict resolution as Goldfien and Robbenot, 2007 discus it. According to this, the members of the groups get concern for personal satisfactions and interests with their attributes for satisfying the needs and interests of others in different ways. The model of the conflicts identifies the four resolutions of conflict styles that personnel’s depend upon toward their social goals.

Conflict Style Yielding

In the style yielding, styles of conflict are categorizing the high level of keen interest for the other members while the level of concern is extremely low for the self. This pro-social attention comes when people get the individual satisfaction from seeing the needs of other individuals, by maintaining stable relationships that are socially positive. When individuals face conflicts, they prefer giving it to others as the way of showing respect toward the others in order to maintain the unity among the groups because they consider the importance of others rather than winning (Goldfien & Robbennolt, 2007).

Conflict Style Competition

This style increases the assertiveness of the individuals i.e. the caring for self. The groups consist of competitions among the member groups while they struggle seeking the dominion as they consider the losing or the wining criteria. The two fighting groups tend bring force to each other so that one may agree on the perspectives by competitive employing. In this case, the tactics that these interpersonal groups deal with are through violence, accusing each other, insulting and arguing that brings a sense of intimidation as (Morrill, 1995) it explains about the competitive style conflict.

Conflict Style Cooperation

In this style, there is an active concern for the social behaviors in the way the involving parties are cooperating. This occurs when the two individuals comes up with the determination of a the others interest. During this time, the parties collaborate with the other groups in attaining fresh ideas that satisfy the two parties. These individuals are very empathetic and assertive at the same time as seeing the opportunity becomes creative. The collaborators have the will to invest in their time into finding the double winning solution the literature conflict based on resolution above others is recommending (Sternberg & Dobson, 1987; Jarboe & Witteman, 1996).

Conflict Style Conciliation

This style is typically in use of the individuals who perceive an immediate level of interest for the both personals and other peoples results. The individuals that compromise the value of fairness and thus do anticipate mutually and benefits through the interactions. Few of the demands follows through the encouragement of others, the individuals who compromise believe that they will encourage the others when they meet in the half way, in that they consider conflict promotion in the target of its resolution. (Van de Vliert & Euwema, 1994)

Cluster Behaviour that People use in Conflict

There are various methods that individuals involving in conflicts use, among the many clusters of conflict behavior is: mediation which is as a form of resolution of dispute between more or just two parties with effects that are concrete. The mediator who is the third party assists the groups to negotiate about the settlement in a diplomatic, family or community matters. Diplomacy is another form factor that people use in conflicting this case the professional diplomats regards in the issues of trade war and the human rights, among the others create the international treaties in order to gain the main strategic importance in a way to come with, solutions that are acceptable to a certain challenge.

Among the other types of cluster used in conflict behavior are adjudication, aggression, arbitration, bargaining and conciliation a discussed by William wilmont. The personal philosophy, the family background, life experiences and the personal lifetime cause conflict to arise, there many families that always causes conflicts while others genetically inherit in solving disputes. In this case, the individuals with the good heart in the film were trying to silence the inter groups individuals that was becoming so exited when there were conflicts instead of settling them.

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