Thesis Statement

Even though conflict situation is sometimes healthy for the parties involved, it can as well lead to chaotic and destructive effects that demand for the application of the most appropriate conflict models to analyze the best course of action for the conflicting individuals.


Different parties experience some struggles for domination and expression of incompatible interests. This necessitates a framework of conflict resolution that would make sure that the concerned parties remain satisfied. In this couples’ experience, competent communication is very important while solving destructive conflicts, including fighting and shouting at each other. In this regard, communication is very essential when it comes to family decision making (Rothwell, 2010). Notably, it is through communication that the family members interact, either in verbal, written or electronic form. From this family experience, destructive conflicts and their resolution is done through communication.

Conflict Situation Analysis

Jacob and Catherine are the individuals involved in a conflict. The two are married couple, who have little time for each other. Jacob is concentrating much on his work, thus leaving him with little time to attend to Catherine, a situation that completely angers her, thus resulting to insults and shouting at each other. There is little communication taking place between the couple, and this prompts the need to put in place the most appropriate communication styles to resolve the conflict (Dana, 2006).

Communication Styles to be adopted

Discussion style is vital since it helps in solving conflicts through using a collaborative approach, where the disagreeing persons, within the family are brought together to strike a compromised accord that would end the wrangles (Rothwell, 2010). Under the discussion style of communication, both the husband and wife are capable of controlling their emotions. Using the discussion style approach, Jacob and Catherine will be in a position to speak clearly on their disagreements to the mediator. To this end, the couple makes use of objective facts, but not personal opinions/feelings (Dana, 2006).  In case of more conflict problems between the husband and wife, accommodation and engagement styles would be more appropriate communication methods to be used in conflict resolution. Engagement style makes it possible for the couple to express their feelings more openly. These individuals’ feelings are direct towards their own personal concerns, and they often keep their conversation passionate. Moreover, accommodation is the most appropriate style for this scenario because it enables the conflicting individuals to control and keep their emotions down. As a result, both the husband and wife are able to employ indirect communication techniques such as metaphors to avoid more conflict escalation, which can damage their relationship further (Rothwell, 2010).

Application of Conflict Models

Social style and trust conflict models have been chosen for this analysis. Social style conflict model incorporates inclusion and control strategies (Dana, 2006). Inclusion conflict resolution strategy is the start of the family that has a lot of anticipation its acceptance among its members. In this case, inclusion strategy is basically important because it enables the couple (Jacob and Catherine) accept each other and harmonize their differences. On the other hand, control conflict resolution strategy follows once the family members have resolved the problem of inclusion, thus it paves way for them to focus on work/duties that they ought to perform. This is the stage that sees the contest between husband and wife (Jacob and Catherine) on family roles/authority that would enable them exercise control over the other family members (if any). To this end, social style conflict model can be defined as the conflict resolution strategy, where the members struggle to reduce the rigidity of the family structure to allow free participation and role sharing (Dana, 2006). For example, Jacob can as well engage in household duties such as cooking and cleaning, besides his formal employment. This is necessary, especially during the time when his wife Catherine is expecting a baby.

Under the trust conflict model, the members of a particular family increase emotional attachments among themselves. In this scenario, Jacob and Catherine can make use of trust conflict model to strengthen their marital relationship and to build confidence in each other. It is necessary to realize that without the element of trust, the couple will always be in conflict situations, especially when Jacob reports home late at night and has little time to share with Catherine due to too much exhaustion, a situation that infuriates her. As a result, there is little communication between these two individuals. In this regard, trust conflict model can be defined as the conflict resolution strategy where each partner shows his or her affection to one another in the best way possible, including sharing views, feelings and thought, parting, and expressing their fears openly (Rothwell, 2010). In essence, the concept of trust will enable the couple to accept vulnerability due to a positive expectation on a change of each other’s behavior (Rothwell, 2010). This will be the basis of their willingness to act upon the decisions made during the conflict resolution.


In summary, the manner in which the married couples solve their problem shows their spirit of willingness to forgive each other and move forward. Although problems arise in the family, the couple must be ready to apply the relevant communication styles in reaching a compromised position. The common ground helps in solving the cases, which the different parties bring to the conflict resolution table.  In this regard, Jacob and Catherine ought to invite a mediator or counselor to engage them in healthy conflict resolution, making use of communication styles such as engagement and accommodation to help them solve their marriage problems. In this regard, trust is the most appropriate conflict resolution model that can be used to give more strength to the couples their marriage relationship. This technique is most beneficial because it gives long lasting solutions to the couple’s conflict.

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