Chinese Culture Essay Introduction

Although many differences in social, economic, and political dimensions exist among mainland China and others locations where the culture dominates, it is still possible to identify particular key cultural values that Chinese people hold commonly, regardless of where they live. Regardless of whether people live in Hong Kong, mainland China or overseas, they all have some common cultural practices. Chinese culture enables people to develop their basic identity that makes them appear unique from other cultures (Thomas, 2003). Chinese core values are consistent and unique; they are maintained through the use of common language and shaped by a tradition of longtime history.


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China has only one set of key values in its national culture, despite many differences among societies and people. This cultural value system is unique and differentiates China from Western cultures, Eastern culture for instance, Japanese culture, as well as other cultures across the globe. The current Chinese culture comprise of three main elements which include communist ideology, traditional culture and Western values. Traditional Chinese culture comprise of competing and diverse schools of thought, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Taoism and many other regional cultures.

China has changed over the last 20 years and is still undergoing various changes, its national cultural values are also changing. Economic reforms in China and opening up doors to the western countries have changed the social landscape and reshaped its value system. Chinese culture has been attractive, valuable, and it has helped to explain the differences in organization systems, as well as management behaviors in various organizations. Chinese culture has also influenced political and economic structures, which in turn influence its national culture.

Chinese Culture Essay Conclusion

Chinese culture has also played a significant role in many companies in China, for instance, to be a manager in China one has to analyze business transactions from a vantage point of view (Kwan, 2010). This means that managers look at how China or Chinese business might benefit from those transactions. Chinese always need to know how various companies can do what Chinese cannot manage to do for themselves. Additionally, in Chinese companies, managers must ensure that every person has a distinct role to play within the organization, and this helps to maintain order. This implies that a manager can operate autocratically and dictate to the subordinates within the company. At the same time, a manager will not chastise (punish) or compliment an employee publicly. In fact, if managers want to convey bad news to their workers they might even use an intermediary.

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