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The results of the case incident are surprising. The reason being most of these rated countries are working fewer hours as compared to the United States. According to the ILO, the Americans work more than 45 hours per week.

There are various reasons why US employees have a standing for "living to work." The US has developed this reputation due to the lack of set laws that limits the number of working hours as compared to other countries. This is due to the legislative government, which has prevented the inaction of these laws in the government. Cultural value of money is also another reason the love money a lot to an extent they think money is the source of happiness in life. The need to have more money the more work they do for an increase in payment.

Do the results prove that Korea is more motivated to work than their U. S counterparts?

From the study, emerges that Korea is not motivated to work than their U.S counterparts. The reason being the number of working hours does not show the level of output generated from the work. Despite the Korean country , working at the same rate with the US, the level of productivity per person may be lower or higher due to various reasons like the cost of labor in which the US employ cheap labor from other countries.

Goal-setting theory

It based on the principle that individuals are sometimes driven by clear define goals to be achieved. If the government expenditure and taxes are high, the net earnings of an individual will reduce. This will lead to working for many hours to increase the net salary to meet the goals of an individual that eventually lead to many workers working overtime hours. The wage earn from overtime work is mostly not qualified for taxation, and thus leading to a reduction in the taxable rates.

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