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Check Out Our Ball Attached to the Ears Reduce Hunger Essay

A very common question that many people ask is how can tiny balls placed behind ones ears actually help a person lose 10%-20% of his/her  body weight. As strange as this might sound, this weight lose program has enabled many people to obtain positive and outstanding results.  Acupressure is a method that targets the pressure points and is perfectly non-invasive. Metal balls are placed behind the ears and rotated every few hours, to stimulate hunger. The balls are moved every ten days to different hunger points and help to detoxify different organ systems. The basis of this program is that it stimulates pressure points, which are also referred as hunger points, to control hunger and detoxify a person’s body.

The Sadkhin Complex is a program developed by a Russian immigrant, who was a doctor in Russia. He figured out that there was a demand for a quick and efficient weight loss method.  He studied other cultures around the world and noted various eating habits and foods that were consumed by people from different cultures where they lived much longer and healthier lives.  According to his findings, the foods that people eat affect the quality and length of their lives.  The heavy and fatty foods that people eat frequently can lead to many health issues.  For this reason, he developed a detoxification program to revitalize the digestive system.

This detoxification program takes typically six weeks.  On a patients’ first visit, the practitioner places small metal balls behind each ear. The patients are requested to rotate the metal balls after every two hours in order to stimulate the digestive system to control hunger.  Patients must drink several cups of tea with honey every day and throughout the day.  In addition to the tea, the patients cycle between two days of fruits and vegetables and two days of just milk.  On the fruit and vegetable days, the patient can select two vegetables and one fruit for the day.  Also, they must be eaten only between 12pm and 6pm.  On milk days, the patient may drink up to 20 oz. of Whole Milk between the same times.  Every ten days, the patient goes back for a visit to get weight and to reposition the balls behind the ears. 

For the first ten days, the detoxification program concentrates on the stomach and liver.  The second ten days, the detoxification program, concentrates on the colon.  The third ten days, the program concentrates on the gall bladder and spleen.  Finally, the last two weeks are called maintenance’.  The idea is to change slowly the habit of eating normal foods besides fruits and vegetables.  It is essential to do the entire program to detoxify the entire body properly.

Reducing your portions and eating healthy are some of the vital aspects after the program is complete. The fact that a person lost the weight does not mean that he/she can or should go back to eating whatever he or she wants.  Patients are advised to make wise eating choices by selecting foods that are appropriate and healthy for consistent consumption.

The website is full of very valuable information to recipes that can help a person to make the right choice as to what to eat. The use of organic and fresh fruit is highly recommended. Since mushrooms and starchy vegetables like corn, peas and potatoes are not recommended, the best choices would include, beets, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers and many more.  Some of the products available help in maintaining a person’s daily nourishment, for instance, vitamins and organic honey. It is crucial to maintain your daily calorie intake, while your body is going through detoxification.

I have seen some close friends and families who lose drastic amounts of weight within a remarkably short time.  For example, my husband weighed 276 lbs when he started the program.  After going through the program twice in 9 months, he is currently weighing198 lbs and feeling better than ever.  Other friends that saw the drastic change in him also started the program; my friend weighed 292 lbs, and after only 10 days, he lost 20 lbs.  Another friend lost 24 lbs within 13 days. My husband has kept the weight off for nearly 1 year.  It is somehow hard to argue with results like this. On the other hand, it is important to note that this is not a detoxification program for everyone.  It takes serious dedication and persistence but the results are undeniable.  It does shock the body, so it is necessary for anyone considering this program to consult a physician. There are many weight lose programs available on the market today.  Each program claims to be the latest, the quickest or the healthiest weight lose program.  Ultimately, it is vital to find a program that works effectively for you.  The Sadkhin Complex is a revolutionary method for losing weight through detoxification. The foods consumed on a daily basis, such as fast foods, restaurants or carry out, are not fit or healthy to our bodies as many people might think.  Many have taken this challenge and succeeded. 

Although it is hard to locate negative feedback, I personally came across an ex-Sadkhin patient. She simply stated that it was not for her and even though she went through the program for the first ten days. Her presence around food made it difficult to maintain the plan. It is remarkable to watch as the weight and inches literally melt without any exercise program. For anyone searching for weights lose method, he/ she should consider the Sadkhin Complex as the best and most effective option.

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