Religion questions

1)      The first words in the Gospel of John, “In the beginning…..” brings to mind the accounts of creation in the book of Genesis. John refers to the timeless eternity of Genesis 1:1. John expects us to understand that our Lord God is eternal, he existed in the very beginning and He has ever existed with the Father.

2)      The calling of light into being shows that the powers of nature were insufficient to this effect. This shows the power of the words for it is a calling into existence what had previously not existed. This affirms the absolute nature of creation.

3)      The titles given to Jesus in John 1: 19-51 includes the following.

  • Son of God (V. 34, V. 49)
  • Lamb of God (V. 36, V. 29)
  • Rabbi (V. 49)
  • Messiah (V. 41)
  • King of Israel (v. 49)
  • Son of man (V. 51)
  • Son of Joseph from Nazareth(V. 45)

4)   In the gospel of Mark, John the Baptist is described as a successor. In John’s Gospel, John presents himself as not worthy to untie the sandals of his successor. He presents himself to be extremely lowly in comparison to his successor.

5)      The falling of the arresting officers is a humble display of Jesus’ power and His majesty. Jesus showed his majesty being humble and showing some weaknesses. Also, the arresting officers were stunned by Jesus response. The officers expected Jesus to fight back, but on the contrary, Jesus calmly stepped forward and surrendered himself to the officers.  

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