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The Latin Church diverted into catholic denomination and Protestantism in 1517 through the influence of martin Luther and support from other religious leaders. The splitting of the church was caused by disagreements on issues such as; devotion to Mary, authorities of the pope, sacrament, intercession of the saints, judgments and purgatory. Martin Luther opposed the interpretation of the holy bible by catholic bishops.

This is because he felt that people should read and interpret on their own, since they were mislead. For example, forgiveness was bought depending on the type of sin committed. These leaders took advantage of the people and squared money from them claiming that the money is for God's services. Christian could not do much because they could not understand the scripture since it was only written in Latin (Gillett, 2002).

Because of the opposition, Martin Luther translated the Latin bible into roman and English. This made it possible for people to read and interpret the bible on their own. Martin was accused of blasphemy among other crimes. Martin pleaded guilty but refused to repent claiming that he did what was right. Following the translation of the bible, people began understanding the bible, and as a result, different churches were started. Competition in churches rose, whereby religious leaders took extreme measures, just to impress their followers.

There was competition of gifts, disagreement on the Sabbath day, tithing, and how services were conducted. Churches were formed according to social classes whereby the poor had their church while on the other hand, the rich had theirs. Nowadays, different denomination raises everyday preaching the gospel in a different way (Ellwood & Alles, 2007).

Even though, the Catholic Church oppressed people, this does not categorize it as a bad religion. On the contrary, the church needed reformation, and that is why it diverted. Furthermore, no human is known to be perfect. However, the splitting of the Latin Church help in strengthening the faith of believers and at the same time increased immoralities in churches.

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