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Paul was a follower of Jesus Christ who wrote many letters to the churches in Galatia. He was an open minded apostle who believed in communicating the word of God without adding or subtracting anything. His teachings are still validly used today.

Paul’s anger against the Galatians can be attributed to the knowledge that Paul had regarding the faith in Jesus Christ. He knew the importance of staying in the spiritual race from the beginning of salvation till the end. He termed it foolishness for a person to stay faithful to God and then lose ones faith along the way not living to see the benefits of the sufferings.

In Galatians 3.10 Paul condemns those who do not abide by the law of the faith of God. According to Paul, no one is justified by in the law. He however clarifies that the law cannot replace faith rather the person living in faith must also abide by the laws of God. In accordance to the Jewish culture and following the laws of Moses, the people of God needed to be circumcised. This was Gods covenant with his people. Paul just like his master Jesus advocated for spiritual purity rather than the actual act of circumcision. Paul’s inclusion of self control as an expression of faith did not mean denial of freedom to the believers. Self control was advocated to checking ones conduct to befit the faith expectations. The source of guidance is the Holy Spirit who guides his people in doing the right things.

According to Romans 9:11, Paul’s rationale was that obstinate people are there by Gods design. The gospel will reach those who open their ears and accept to be counted among the chosen ones. God already knows ones destiny before any choices are made but man has been given a will to determine which path they wish to take in life

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