The debate between Barack Obama and his rival for the presidential seat, Mitt Romney, largely focused on matters relating to the economy of the United States and various aspects of governance. President Obama discussed matters relating to the crisis in the stock market during 2008 and the effects of this occurrence on the US economy. He also explained the government’s progress in creating jobs and mitigation of taxes. Obama discussed about the Medicare health plan and its role in minimizing expenses in healthcare and ensuring the incorporation of children in healthcare cover under the parental plan (Maresca 1).  This scheme will enhance funding for prescriptive drugs and reduce administrative costs. Furthermore, Obama talked about the reforms required within the education sector and the need to redesign the education system so that colleges and universities would produce graduates who possess employable skills. Some of the educational reforms that Obama highlighted were the accessibility of affordable student’s loans.

Mitt Romney started the debate by explaining his program the implementation of which would lead to creation of estimated 4 million jobs in the United States. This program would encompass aspects of energy dependence, an expansion of trade routes and partners, supporting the education sector and the regulation of the federal budget in consideration of small-scale businesses. Romney discussed tax policies which, being implementated, would lead to improving of the USA tax system. These policies will focus on tax reduction for the middle class without considering the tax rates among the wealthy (Maresca 2). Romney criticized the Obama administration for imposing tax policies that were unfavorable to small-scale businesses. Romney discussed the need to abandon Obama care, citing it as a scheme that introduced debts for the country and negatively affected health insurance. Romney cited various cases that illustrate effective tax policies such as the improvement of Massachusetts healthcare sector without raising taxes (Maresca 3). He also discussed approaches by President Regan in reducing tax rates and boosting economic growth.

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