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The condition of body wellness influences people’s perception and behavior towards things or other people. In this case, a majority of factors such as the current diet, sleep, and exercise routine affect one’s wellness. My current diet considerably affects my general well-being. This healthy and balanced diet contributes to my growth and renews my body energy. As a result, I can perform my duties with ease. On the other hand, inconsistent and inappropriate diet leads to both body and mental instability. Meanwhile, sleep is another crucial component that contributes to my wellness. After completing the usual work, I have to get enough sleep. During sleep the body can rest while certain physical mechanisms generate energy for the next day’s activities. Once my body is consistently supported by a healthy diet and gets enough rest, I perform exercises to improve my health. Through this process, the unutilized energy and fats in the body are used.

To promote wellness it is essential to monitor my current diet, sleep, and exercise plan. With various types of diets available, it is vital to minimize the intake of foods that could lead to increase of body fat or to terminal disease like cancer. In this regard, I will maintain my health and promote my general wellness through eating healthy foods such as organic fruit and vegetables and taking additional vitamins. Similarly, I will try to have adequate sleep regularly. This will ensure that my body will not be exhausted but always full of energy. What is more, I will follow the exercise plan with consistency to improve my physical fitness. In this case, keeping the body in shape boosts one’s wellness.

The need to promote one’s wellness goals requires the adjustment of personal schedule. In this regard, it is essential to allocate sufficient time and resources to one’s wellness. This implies that one should embark on overseeing current diet to promote his or her body’s health. Additionally, changes regarding the diet should be consistent with the needs of the body. Concerning sleep, it is crucial to increase the time that one sleeps after daily activities. Moreover, sleeping conditions have to be favorable to increase the level of relaxation. Notably, when sufficient time is allocated for sleeping, the mind and body are maintained in good health. For this reason, I will try to improve my wellness by allocating enough time to sleep. Likewise, I will improve my exercise plan to address the needs of the body. I will have to allocate sufficient time and money to attend gym on the regular basis.

Multiple support systems allow one to promote wellness goals. In my case, the college provides food that meets my current diet needs. Similarly, when I have study breaks, I spend time with my parents, who provide me with appropriate food as well. In addition, I consistently look for new information regarding the best products and supplements that can improve my current diet. All these factors improve my wellness. In the same way, I manage to sleep enough to ensure sufficient rest of the mind and body. Using the facilities provided by the college, I can  rest adequately after various mental and physical strains. Regarding exercise, I participate in multiple sporting activities that improve my fitness. During my free time I attend the gym, which helps me to burn extra calories in my body. Generally speaking, I have all necessary resources to promote my wellness and to maintain healthy condition of my body.

In the endeavor to attain wellness goals, there are numerous obstacles that can be experienced. In this case, the appropriate diet, adequate sleep and regular exercise may be hindered by factors such as insufficient finance, time, or poor physical health. Therefore, it can be considerably difficult to attain the desired level of wellness. In addition, the environment where one works and lives influences one’s wellness. Considering this, it is important to address the obstacles that threaten wellness and minimize them as much as possible.        

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