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Lieutenant Jimmy was among a group of young men in Tim O'Brien's short story about unprepared soldiers for the Vietnam War. The soldiers carried heavy rations and supplies that they thought would last them for a long time. They also carried their girlfriend's pictures and intangible things like fear, sadness and confusion. Most soldiers pretended that they did not feel as much as they did, to avoid being silly among other soldiers. According to the story, the men did reveal their emotions in earnest or humorous ways. Just like the soldiers in the story, there are some items, both tangible and intangible; that I carry to school. These items give some insight into who I am and the significant things that define my life (O'Brien, 1998).

Some tangible things that I carry to school are my alarm clock to help me keep time, reading lamp for studying at night, a dictionary that helps me build my vocabulary, thesaurus and a writer's guide, aspirin or other pain and stress reliever, a baseball or other cap for bad hair days, a bathrobe and a bathing suit, a blanket, a calculator to help in any calculations, a bottle opener, music CDs, cleaning items, nice clothing that perhaps will last until the first trip home, a computer and a printer to help with the assignments and a daily planner and a calendar. Some requirements remove hidden fears and make me feel more comfortable. Some of these include dental floss, a deodorant, first-aid kit, fast food, hair care products, hygiene items, money for books and other necessities, food, entertainment, clothing and perfume or cologne.

Tim O'Brien writes that the soldiers carried some intangible things like fear, anxiety, and guilt. Tim explains some memories which he still recalls witnessing young men getting hardened by grief, anger and injustice. According to the writer, the young men suffered by knowing that people at home were not aware of what they were going through. The scenario is very familiar when am going to school. Like the soldiers, there are some things I carry along that helps me conquer the apprehension and the fear of the unknown and some which remind me of my family back at home. Like the soldiers in the story, I have the fears when going to school which actually reminds me of who really I am and which of course reminds me of the things I care about (O'Brien, 1998).

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I am small and short for my age but very enthusiastic and spirited. I was a cheerleader in high school and this has contributed a lot into the way I lead my life. I consider myself organized, positive, loving, and a leader since I have been the class president. Cheerleading has armoured the traits that I have learnt at home. These optimistic individual personalities have helped me to achieve in my previous goals. I believe the same characteristics will most definitely be valuable in helping me attain my future goals. Every time I encounter a challenging decision, I have some fears that I might make a wrong decision. However, my past experience as a cheerleader and as class president has exposed me to many aspects of leadership. It has also boosted my confidence that enhanced my ability to make sound decisions.  

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Making the decision on which college to attend was a hard and important decision for me. I wish to carry on cheering in college since I believe this will assist me achieve my goals. I carry a few pictures that remind me of my time as a cheerleader and all the medals and presents I have won. My academics will continue to remain imperative to me in college as they have always been. To achieve my goals, I will need strong, competitive grades in all precondition subjects. I have chosen a highly competitive field but my perseverance and determination, the skills that I have perfected during my time as a cheerleader will help me. Cheerleading helped me become a confident, hard working, optimistic and a grateful person. As a cheerleader I developed friendliness as my squad became my second family. I have appreciated the spirit of teamwork, perseverance and competitiveness. Some fundamental qualities that I have are optimism, respectfulness, and accountability.

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