A Situation in which I Altered my Decision       Quitting alcoholism has been the greatest decision I have ever made in my life. The predicament that I depicted as an alcoholic prompted me into thinking and contemplating about my future and how my priceless dear life was being torn apart into pieces by the addictive behavior. I had been an alcoholic for over two years occasioned by the external situation that I was exposed to when I departed away from home to a higher institution of learning; in this context, the university. There, I joined a bad peer group and I subscribed to their ideals due to the immaturity and lack of self drive and later culminated into the alcoholic behavior.
The reality on the negative effects of alcoholism that was mounting on my life dawned to me one day when a very close relative, with a high portfolio in the Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs was engaged in a road accident due to the reckless driving resulting from excessive drinking. This situation made me think how life can be easily taken away despite one’s academic achievements in life, like in the case of my relative who was an advocate and died at the age of thirty three years just after less than five years of practicing law.
The process of quitting alcoholism had a variety of challenges which I learnt to overcome and currently experiencing some of the benefits of being sensible and alcohol free again. I am able to manage my finances effectively since the funds I spent on buying alcohol for myself and friends are now being used for more economically empowering activities. Also, my physical health has been replenished due to the improved diet that I initiated after quitting on alcohol. This is because in alcoholism hunger would be suppressed by drinking, hence, weakening my immune system.
Among all the benefits that I have realized, saving me from hangovers there has been the most crucial one. Hangovers led me into a variety of vices which destroyed my socialization with people of close acquaintance occasioned by the frequent embarrassments that were associated with my alcoholic behavior. To affirm my recently adopted decision on alcoholism, there has been a variety of situations surrounding my social environment which have convinced me that I am on the right path. First and foremost, after quitting alcoholism many of my friends have had a change of heart on the same since I initiated an evaluative talk with them to analyze the positive tidings associated with quitting alcoholism.
Moreover the antialcoholism movement in our institution has developed a network of reformed alcoholics, which I am a member. I have experienced a sense of brotherhood with the rest of the colleagues further justifying my decision to quit alcoholism. Spiritual nourishment has been part of the networks goals which help most of the alcoholics to hold on to their decision with the help of the facilitators who guide them. In addition, my conscience also plays a major role in approving my current state of life. Inherently, my conscience is clear about the future since I perceive that I would achieve much in the current state than in the prior.

An idea of changing my decision on alcoholism will never be an issue again in my life. I view myself as an individual with a strong willpower to stick to what I believe to be good to me and shun what is bad. There is a concept that “once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic” which is based on the fact that if an alcoholic goes back to drinking then they will always be controlled again by the drinking. With this in mind the only remedy to avoid moving back to alcoholism would be to seek assistance from God to quench the desire for drinking.

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