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Long train or bus trips are dull spending of time, aren’t it? Five years ago sitting in the train you can’t see someone reading the book or comics, does a Sudoku or crossword puzzle. Instead of them, there was many with laptops, E-books, and tamagotchi(it’s specially for kids). But the times have been changed and morals undergone some changes. Nowadays, you can clip your fingernail and give an innocent smile to those, who staring at you. O tempora! O mores! (Calandra)

One day, I was amazed by the behavior of my college. We are sitting in the restaurant with the tables put together and sip some coffee. Suddenly, she took a look on her wristwatch and something switched in her head and she began to take some strange bottles from her handbag. After that, our entire table and two others were full of something with the popular trademarks. But it wasn’t end, though people around us began to disturb. She pulverized somewhat on her hairs, clipped her nails, combed her hairs and finally threw something, kind of gel in my plate. It was terrible… I don’t mean me in that situation, but other people still watched us. They were ready to tear to shreds her and me, at the same time. I told her to go to the toilet and do her daily needs there, but I’ve got the look of hungry lion and was remained there with all these stuffs.

Someone can treat me as a selfish person, but I thought that the restaurant is place for calm and good pastime without any perfumes and things like that, as the train is for travelling from the point A to B and no one can use it as a lavatory. Public places are not public conveniences. It is unacceptable to do it being surrounded by people.

It is strong sign of people’s ill-breading. It is disease of the community that has to be eradicated, before we fall into a state of animals. One thing that is separate us from the animals is existence of moral rules and directions. Abolition of them means rot of culture.

There is countries where flossing of teeth is acceptable even in the public places. You can belch and do things like that, sitting at the table and no one can blame you. But we live in country, where such things are undesirable things.

We are all burdened by life’s obligations. We have to work hard to earn a living. Choosing such works we need to consider the time for all activities, including personal hygiene. But if we have not enough time for it, it is our personal problems, they shouldn’t be public problems. Because after dinner comes the reckoning, it is our task to find a free time for ourselves.

There are so many things in our world that are annoying. Traffic jams, waiting for your turn, unpredicted bad weather, quarrelling and so on. These are things, which try their best to unsettle and throw the sand into wheels of our life. But there is one more kind of such annoying things which is personal and related to one particular person. Such things we call pet peeve.

As for me I hate to hear other people champing and speaking while eating. I can hear these sounds even in a crowd with loud noises and chatter. When sitting at the table many people disregard some moral rules and etiquette. For many people such behavior is annoying and they can’t stand it being involved somehow in it. I saw people blowing their nose and then take the food from the common plate. In such cases, it is hard for me not to vomit. Many of pet peeves are based on things, which are unacceptable for the whole society. When I studied in university, one lector hates other fidgeting and clicking their mechpen. It so annoyed him that he could go out from the lecture room with tears.

Psychologists often call such reaction to some particular things – obsession or obsessive-compulsive neurosis, and treat it as psychological disease which is should to be cured. In some cases it is truth, in some other - not. Because, public grooming cannot be considered to be obsession of some particular persons, it is universal for certain culture.

Now, one can observe intended annoying of people which have a strong pet peeve reaction. This reaction is shot and downloaded to the “YouTube” and sites like that, boosting the problem. Society needs special treatment, because it is no more hidden process. It is an obvious process of degradation of moral values.

There are some ways which will help to handle the problem:

  • As for those, who have pet peeves which refer only to them, they need to respond to annoying things more quietly. When you deal with annoying thing commuting through the using of trains you always can take headphones with you and close your eyes, it will help you to save your nerves and to be calm.
  • From the other hand there are people which hate the things which are annoying almost all persons. This problem is possible to solve only by cultivation of moral norms. Dealing with public places we gain restriction of smoking in some public places, so why shouldn’t we restrict personal hygiene in the public places? It is easy to do, and it will help to avoid flashes of pet peeve. (Bridgeman)

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