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In life people have different dreams and aspirations of the things they wish to accomplish during their life time; however not all people manage to achieve the goals they set due to different social, political and economical factors that prevent them from turning dreams into reality. It takes a lot of patience, hard work and determination to overcome all the obstacles that come our way as we climb up the academic, social, economic and professional ladder. During my childhood days as I grew up in Hong Kong, one of the main cities in the People Republic of China, all along however I had a dream that one day I will be able to pursue my studies outside home country and be able to contribute positively to the development of the world. My dream destination was the United Kingdom. The reason for this is that I had the desire to learn more about the British culture and cultural practices and at the same time I admired their hi-tech technology.


I partially fulfilled my dream four years ago when I enrolled in a United Kingdom boarding school for my high school education, it is however my summer visit to the Boston University, located in Boston Massachusetts that made me have a true "home away from home feeling" and the desire to pursue my engineering degree from the university. The university motto states "Learning, Virtue, Piety", this is one thing that attracted me to the campus and made me feel that I was at the right place at the right time to fulfill my dream and I hope that by the time I complete my course, I will not only graduate with top class honors in engineering but I will also have matured both socially and spiritually. I had a chance to visit the faculty of engineering and after having a lengthy discussion with the head of department I concluded that Boston University has the best engineering programme as compared to other universities that we (my father and I) had visited.  The reason for this is that at Boston University, all their programmes are tailored to meet and address specific student needs and this therefore gives an opportunity to lectures and professors to interact with students on a personal level and help them in their weak areas. This kind of curriculum is not found in any university in the whole of United Kingdom and for a long time it has been the selling point of the university to the international community. It is important to note that, Boston University is also the leading university when it comes to the number of international students it admits each year. This means that the composition of Boston University student body has more than 200 different cultures and getting a chance to interact with people from different cultures will make me understand and appreciate their cultural practices and lifestyle. As a young person the advantage of this is that I will be able to work in any part of the world without fear of what I will meet in the foreign land.

During summer holidays, most learning take a break, this is not the case at Boston University since they have special industrial attachment summer programs for their students. This is one area that I hope to capitalize on if given a chance to study at the university since it will help me nurture my professional skills while still a student. This skills and experience will enable me be easily absorbed in the job market as compared to my fellow graduates from other universities who might be new in the field. The role of sports in any society cannot be underestimated, being a talented basketball player; I found out that Boston University has some of the best sport facilities which will be of help to me. Spiritual nourishment is also advocated for at the campus. The campus has several religious facilities that are available to students from all religious back ground to help them keep "in touch" with the God.

We live in a "digital village" which is controlled by internet, science and technology and by being given a chance to pursue my engineering degree at the university I hope to contribute positively to the growth and development of the economy of the nation, that of my home country as well as that of the developing nations around the world. It is my hope that my application will go through and I will live to fulfill my dream.

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