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Project Scope in wedding planning includes the processes required to ensure that the project includes all the work required to complete the project successfully. In the first place, one must determine and evaluate the specific needs and requirements of the stakeholders, which include the bride and groom, plus those of interested parties, who may be determining the budget.

Wedding planners have to be logistical wizards. They must mesh the services of multiple vendors and attend to intricate details with each one, all the while adhering to the stakeholders' vision and budget for their perfect day. One has to ensure that each vendor delivers impeccable, error-free service, on time and in the right place. It is important that a wedding planner prepare for unfortunate and/or sudden changes in conditions, like what would happen if the caterers run out of food requested for the wedding.

One has to consider a wide variety of service providers must for the scope statement in the big event. It is important to look at the scope, and develop a schedule that is reasonable and efficient to follow. This schedule acts much like a day planner and encourages the planner to stay on top of all reservations and appointments.

As a guideline, the average cost of a 150 person wedding is approximately $27,000. Regardless of the size of the budget, however, wedding planners generally must adhere strictly to the pre-determined budget when planning the important day. One has to obtain accurate estimates from the service providers for efficient and successful completion of the project.

With a wedding planner included in a wedding preparation, there are benefits and successes to such a project. These include saving of a lot of time, money and stress. Planning for such a wedding possibly enables a couple to plan their dream wedding without all the negative implications.

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