Nooyi exhibits some characteristics that have enabled her to be effective in her role as a manager. One of her utmost characteristic was that she accepted employees and regarded them positively; this was seen as she tried to find a favorable balance between her intensity and what she wanted done. This made all employees feel valued and which in turn, enhance their performance. The performance of a worker is influenced by his or her personal life. Therefore, she was concerned about the personal life of all workers, as well as their families.

 Moreover, she had the ability to treat workers as individuals; she tried to understand the behaviors of different employees and that enabled her to influence their behaviors so that all employees could follow her directives willingly.

Additionally, she was helpful and polite person when providing explanations and instructions to employees. She applied a mother like approach to all workers, and this helped her to add a nurturing touch to her work. Workers felt not under intense pressure to perform, but still felt the urge to grow due to her high expectations for every member of the organization's workforce. Lastly, she was patient and always willing to deliver any kind of help to all employees as well as any explanations useful in getting the work done. This was essential in achieving the goals of the organization. Nooyi’s workforce was extremely diverse at various aspects since employees came from different backgrounds. The greatest organizational practice she applied to deal with diversity was to create a common motto for all employees.

 Leadership involves giving direction or leading, and it seems she had made a goal focusing on the company’s growth in the international market. She articulated the specific approaches such as balancing profit with healthier products for customers, as well as engaging in production of more environmentally friendly products. Those approaches were to be used by the company in the realization of its goals. As a leader, she had provided guidance to the company with regard to the company’s income as well as the society in which the firm was operating.  The channel in which the instructions follow in a firm is extremely crucial to any company, and that is why her setting of goals and the motto were both preceded by restructuring. This was important because instructions can flow smoothly to all employees at different levels for them to work together in the attainment of a common goal.

Leadership is all about being able to influence how other people behave so that they can follow the directives willingly and work towards attaining common goals. She understood her employees and always tried to balance work and the social aspects of her employees and this had a motivating effect. Working continuously can reduce productivity, but she allowed occasional breaks. The families of employees are also taken care of, and this motivated them further.

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