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Performance management is  referred to the systematic process by which an organization or a company involve its employees and employers, whether as individuals  or as teams in ensuring there is efficiency in the smooth running of the company. Smooth running within an organization or a company ensures that there is accomplishment of the strategized goals and ambitions. In simpler terms it can be referred as activities which ensure that all stipulated goals within an organization are achieved in the most efficient way possible. It main focus relies on the general performance of a company whether on an individual or a departmental position.

There are several employees' performance management which are stipulated regarding to the type of organization you are working with. An employee is supposed to ensure that he plans the work he intends to perform before embarking on any type of work. One is supposed to set his or her own expectations and to monitor his performance in a regular basis. An employee is supposed to develop a way in which he will be rating his performance in a certain given period (O'Reilly & Pfeffer, 20). It is the duty of the employer to ensure that he rewards his employees so as to boost the morale of these employees.

What is men warehouse?

Men's warehouse is the biggest vendor of men suits in the United State. The company was established by George Zimmer. The company is well known for its various products it sells but above all it is known for its excellence in performance management. Other than its product, the company also offers advice on how one should dress on various occasion. The occasion advice been offered by the company has greatly boosted the confidence of the people of United States in what they wear. Some of the excellence products they sell are silk ties, Italian leather shoes, merino wool sweater and gabardine suit. Men's warehouse is a clothing company which is known for its outstanding values, employment practices and its philosophy in its performance management. Its representation is that which have an approach which is unconventional to any kind of indiscipline and misconduct displayed by its employees. The men's warehouse company has been severally been rated as a company with extraordinary performance which are not brought about by its structural hierarchy but because of its ability in ensuring there is an outstanding performance management.

What are men warehouse values and philosophy in the performance management?

 In order for any organization to achieve an effective performance management it is very important that certain values and philosophy to be clearly understood.   The several values being displayed by the Men's Warehouse Company includes; equal opportunities, diversity, discrimination, bulling and harassment. Equal opportunity is a value which ensures that all practices within an organization are carried out in a fair and unbiased way.  Fair provision of duties ensures that there is no form of breach in the legislative provisions that are set to ensure every worker is protected against any unlawful discrimination (O'Reilly & Pfeffer, 34). When individuals are given fair treatment, the company is able to protect it self against unnecessary completion between its employees.

The men's warehouse has formulated some ways which ensure there is diversity within the company. This diversity is an approach that reflects a belief in which there is maximization of the potential contribution in the performances of every individual in the company. It is very important that individual within a company are not discriminated, harassed or bullied because he is of a certain race, tribe or religion. Discrimination in places of work has been great contributors to poor performances among employees in any given institution.

According to O'Reilly & Pfeffer s (37) values are very important since they act as gyroscope within an organization.  A gyroscope in this sense is used to explain how a company is able to focus on its stated cores capabilities. Values provide a test or an exam to which employees can use in deciding what is appropriate thing to do (O'Reilly and Pfeffer, 30) for the benefit of the organization. It is very important that all the employees within an organization are educated on polices and strategies of the company so that to familiarize with them. Philosophy within an organization provides a platform in designing processes which will assist in attracting the correct type of people.  

Philosophy and values can be used as tests that assist in solving problems which may arise in the organization. In other time it is important that leaders came up with ideas or adopt contradictory policies which might seem to undermine their performance capabilities. Good team work within organizations has been known to create powerful performance systems in management. 

What are the specific things does men's warehouse does in relation to training?

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The men's warehouse company has been ignorant in the engaging in outside training. The managers claimed they did not have the time for organizing and conducting training outside the company premises. Though inside training is considered to be cheap and effective, it constantly creates a situation of stagnancy in the levels of different ideas and energies. As Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright (26) notes it is important that that companies are able to organize for different training session both inside and outside the company so as the employees are able to develop new ideas.

What are the specific things done by men's warehouse in relation to performance management?

The men's warehouse company is known to have several ways in which it uses in ensuring that it has the best performance management. It is very important for organization to implement ways in which it will ensure that it is able to compete with other companies. Consistent leadership within organization is very important in realizing high performances in management. The people who are given the mandate of leading the rest of the employees should ensure that there is adequate time to listen and supervise every individual (Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright,  40). Time is considered as the scarcest resource in many organizations, it is therefore important that leaders in a company create sufficient time to interact with almost each individual in the organization.

The men warehouse company has succeeded in the industry due investing on training its employees, recruiting few part timers and encouraging employees to have stock ownership within the organization. It is very important that companies' leadership are in the forefront in ensuring that individuals are undertaking their duties in the best way possible to the satisfaction of the companies' goals and objectives. The men's warehouse company has been in the forefront in the creation of apple time to every individual within its organization. This is very significant in the fact that the employees will understand the quality and quality of work that is supposed to be achieved in the stated time (O'Reilly & Pfeffer, 20).

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How has the training practices been reflected in the men's warehouse values and philosophy?

Training practices has significantly been reflected in the men's warehouse values and philosophy. Training plays a very important role in ensuring that the performance management in an organization is effective.  It is very important that training session to be held regularly so as to educate individuals in what is expected of them. Constant training ensures that individuals in an organization get the required information on the goals and strategies of the company.

According to Noe, Hollenbeck, Gerhart & Wright (45) values and philosophy of a given company acts as platforms which guides individuals in an organization to check if they are performing their duties in the required manner. For instance, through training people are able to work without any form of discrimination since they will have the knowledge that every person has both weaknesses and strengths therefore, people should work in ensuring that they assist one another so as to improve in their weaknesses.

It is very clear that for the success of any organization depends on its ability in ensuring that it has the best performance management. When a company has stipulated its goals and objectives its main mandate is to ensure that these goals are achieved by all employees. There should be great understanding between the employee and the employers for the smooth running of the company. Employees should be able to understand the goals and objectives of the company so that they are able to work in achieving them. For the company to achieve its desired goals, it should ensure that there is no form of discrimination among the different employee and it should establish an environment where everyone feels free to work in. it is so obvious that the success of any organization depends on the good relationship that is found between the employer and the employee. All individuals whether an employee or an employer, should be held responsible for his or her own actions towards the achievement of a good performance record. It is very essential that employees are educated on how to plan his work before he begins performing his duties. It is also very important that the employers find ways in which they are able to reward their employees when they perform their duties in the required manner. Finally, it is the duties of the employers to ensure that the company goals and objectives are achieved.

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