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Motivation is highly essential in every organization for achievement of the desired goals and objectives. An organization that motivates its employees highly performs as opposed to those that have not embraced motivation. Majority of the managers find it difficult to strategize on ways of motivating their employees. Given that motivation is indispensable in an organization, it is possible for the managers to motivate their employees so as to reap their full benefits.

There are various ways of motivating employees both intrinsically and extrinsically. Some of these ways are discussed below. Intrinsic motivation involves an internal drive to do something by an individual. This implies that certain needs are satisfied by the actions of the employees. Conversely, extrinsic motivation concerns external drive to do something. That is, motivation is created by an external factor. In an organization, there are certain ways in which a manager can intrinsically motivate the employees.

First, the managers can set up a strong mission statement in the company. Given that people associate themselves with great things, workers will get highly motivated to achieve the company's mission. Secondly, employers should create a strong belief in the company on the employees. Workers should believe in the organization's products. Thirdly, employees get intrinsically motivated when they have passion for their job (Ryan, 2006). Therefore, employees should match their job requirements. This way, they will be very efficient since none of them is forced to do what they do not like.

Additionally, organizational managers can motivate their employees extrinsically in a number of ways. One of them is rewards. Apart from the wages, trips, time-offs and other presents instrumental in motivating employees. Moreover, managers should employ the strategy of awarding their employees' performance. Recognition boosts their self-esteem, hence getting motivated to perform well. Managers can also motivate workers through praises and promotions. This will enhance their growth in the company.

In conclusion, motivation is highly influential in any organization. Therefore, it is imperative that the managers employ the essential strategies to motivate their employees. This way, the organization will immensely improve its production.

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