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The disparity between success in the workplace and failure in the workplace highly depends on the effectiveness of leadership. Leadership determines whether the organization will make profits or losses or whether it will ultimately achieve or not achieve its laid down objectives. Effective leadership is more than just mere managing and supervising people, assigning tasks, setting decisions and financial administration. Leadership that will see to it that the organization achieves its core mandate and creation of a healthy working environment involves motivating, stimulating, instilling confidence, heartening, building constructive communication and building healthy working relationships.

A leader who wants to succeed in taking the organization to its aspired level must ensure that they believe in the power of teamwork and should develop skills aimed at building and enhancing teamwork. The leader should be flexible such that the leadership style suits different contexts and scenarios and different categories of individuals. Among the chief challenges facing a leader is solving problems within the work place. The problems ranges from financial, administration, resource allocation, people problem among others. Since a leader deals with individuals who are so much different, the leader is prone to encounter hard times dealing with various problems and this becomes the test of leadership. An open mind, integrity that entails trust and respect and a sound ethical system, and good communication skills will be so much important in moments of solving problems.

Leadership involves laying out objectives and combining financial, capital and human resources through the process of achieving the goals. A leader ought to set a performance plan. A performance plan is a tool that is used in the management process; it sets the arena for the individual or organization success. It entails setting expectations and goals so that the individuals will channel their energy and resources towards achieving the laid down objectives. Clear communication of performance standards, goals and objectives is paramount in the processes to ensure its success. At the same time each member of the team should know their job, overall responsibility and the required results and how they fit in the main organization's plan.  

A performance plan assists in building partnership between various stakeholders, it sets the phases of success, identifies what workers and leaders ought to do to achieve the objectives and makes it easy to evaluate performance.  A clear specification of the desired results should be stipulated and the time frame of achieving the results, the results expected should directly contribute to the mandate of the organization. The plan also stipulates the measures that will be adopted in case the results are achieved or not achieved; standards and tools of evaluating performance ought to be put in place.

A performance plan is an important aspect of building team work; it details the process of combining all the efforts to achieve the organizations goals. In additional provides opportunities for continuing employee professional and personal development. A flawless performance plan helps workers develop responsible, dynamic, meaningful and participatory teamwork.

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