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Currently there is an increase in the adoption of Human Capital Management (HCM) and Human Resource (HR) systems for the purposes of enhancing efficiency in the performance of firms. The adoption of e-recruitment processes and employee self-service is on the rise. In the context of HCM and HR systems, current adoption of e-recruitment procedures is applied to reduce costs, improve the rate of productivity, use workforce information anytime, anywhere, and make activities easier in the organization. Research show that  HCM make it possible for firm to enhance their employee satisfaction and it also helps in raising their overall performance.

The current e-recruitment and performance processes have embraced modern technologies, resulting in improved Human Resource operations and management by optimizing the entire process of recruitment to retirement. This makes it possible to outline the required skills in the organization and be in a position to know the right people to be hired in order to improve the performance of the company. Some systems are so advanced that they can do background checks on behave of the employer. For instant, an online applicant who keys in the certificate number of the degree course he has done, the system will check this from the database of the college he/she stated to have studied and authenticate was it is genuine.

This reduces costs and time associated with carrying out physical background checks on newly employed staff. Another importance of e-recruitment process is that it helps reduce chances of paperwork, which may be demanding, time-consuming, and reduction of office space to store such papers. This process also makes it possible to improve the process of administration by knowing the specific areas that need to be addressed within the firm.

By adopting e-recruitment process, a company can improve its HR process (Schweyer, 2010, p. 37). The Human Capital Management is a modern approach, which has proved to be significant and effective in the operations of companies. Very many organizations are today embracing such technologies that are worth their investment.

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