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Problems faced when creating an implementation plan

In developing a good implementation plan, a collaborative and well coordinated effort is needed. August Karaoke Box wanted to come up with a plan that could convince the evaluators that it will be capable, confident and superior to the competitors during the implementation time. Unfortunately, many problems are faced when creating the plan. For instance, the entire scope of work was not understood by the management. The management found itself taking a business-centric approach and it ended up ignoring the other aspects of the work.

Also, the organization's laborers who were assigned to develop some sections of the implementation plan lacked skills that were critical to planning. This was as a result of the previous poor recruitment strategy. This had placed them at a distinct disadvantage. Lastly, a big challenge emerged in the assignment of right people to right plan sections and there was inadequacy of financial resources. This posed a big problem to organization because it could not meet all the initial installation costs.

Where risk management plans fall short

Many risk management plans fall short when a company or corporation fails to establish proper mechanisms of making decisions or when there are no functional internal controls. The plans also falls short when the staff fails to comply with the set rules and regulations. Financial inadequacies and inaccuracies also contribute to the problem.

Metrics used in the strategic control process

The most important metrics used in the strategic control process in August Karaoke Box are the service delivery to the customers, competitive advantage/market dominance, customer intimacy and the organization's competitive advantage. For instance, good service delivery enhances the retention of customers. It also reflects the operational and product leadership of the organization. The degree of customer intimacy will always show an extent to which customers are satisfied by the goods and services provided by August Karaoke Box. Finally, the organization's market domination reflects its competitive strategies.

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