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In Vincent van Gogh’s work the work has is there because of three people who did this and they are himself who was the writer and the illustrator, to his brother who he wrote to and was the recipient of most of the letters and to her widowed wife who preserved the letters and had them published. The painting career of Van Gogh was only 10 years he begun as an amateur but later grew and prospered to become a very gifted painter of all time. All the art that he made was well created, the letters that he wrote portray him as a man who is very articulate, has a drive, it also showed him as a difficult person among other personalities.

A lot of the letters that of Van Gogh wrote, they are full of quotations, which in most case are unacknowledged, and they emanate from books such as the  Bible, Francis Bacon’s book on Descriptio globi intellectualis. All the books he read by popular writers he had both admiration and criticism he read books by Charles Dickens, Shakespeare and others he understood the books well and even recommended his brother to read some of the books. The reading of the many books enabled him to improve on his creativity and be able to express himself at ease.

When a lot of writers will attempt to entertain or amuse their readers with the work they have written, Van Gogh made no such attempt. His writing style can be considered to be clumsy with no emotion. In his letters he addressed Theo who happened to be very close to him and he used this letters to share his thoughts, his challenges, what he was doing. He quarreled his brother and even went further to request for money from him, in his communications with his brothers his personality reveals him as a man who is difficult and he is very insensitive especially his inability to clear grievances.

The letters will inform the reader of all the thoughts of Van Gogh, the people he was seeing, the books he read, and his feeling with an account of daily. One can be able to read the mind of him and know what exactly he was up to.

A reason he is considered a good writer was because he was terrible in relationships with other people. This made him to be very argumentative and passionate at this, and this made people to avoid him. This made him to be a very lonely man, in one of the letters he wrote in July 1887, he informs his brother Theo, that the reason he has no friends or a lover it was because he was very dedicated to his art, and it was only through letter that he contacted other people.

Joseph Conrad wrote the novel based on his challenges and what he had seen when he was in Congo for nine years. He based the novel based on his experiences from what he saw there in Congo from the ills of colonialism to the ivory trading which was violent in nature.  The novel is a set in Thames River on a boat for one night. In his time in Congo he had bad experiences like in the, July 1890, it was a difficult time for him after he spent a lot of time watching bodies that had been tied to a post and shot and were now rotting and what remained finally were skeletons. He also experienced a disturbing moment when he came across a 13 year old boy who had a gunshot wound in the head, he watched in horror as people died with a lot of anguish and pain. Later his life in Congo ended and he returned home, he wrote a lot of letters based on his experiences in Congo and tormented and disturbed him of what he experienced there in Congo.

Marlow was narrated Conrad’s work and he informs his friends of the day he went out in search of Kurtz, who was a businessman who had his business lose value, was dangerously corrupt by the power had had over his workers. For Kurtz nothing else mattered and he only thinks about himself and the girl who he is about to marry. His only care is the money that he had, the wealth he possessed and the power he had over all the subjects he had. Finally Kurtz dies and Marlow is the one to break the news to Kurtz fiancée where he lies to her about the last words that Kurtz said, and Marlow lies by informing her that he called her name before he died. But the truth is that the last words by Kurtz were of what he thought of what life really meant. He described life as ‘the horror’.

The story is a simple tale, narrated well with a lot of creativity; it is superb in observation and very informative. The novel tries to fight colonialism or exploitation of the weak as was happening in Congo. He uses the novel to vent his fury and of how people will make very little from what life has to offer due to their personal greed. More would have been gained by one engaging others, but pride and value of material things over humanity takes the best of people. This novella is meant to seek a balance in humanity and plead for care and treatment of all with dignity.

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