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Many countries around the world have described the use of marijuana as an illegal act and thus put a punishment for those found with or smoking marijuana. However, when the posing the question as to whether marijuana should be legalized for medical and or recreational use, one finds surprising results. This paper describes an internet search regarding the question and its responses.


The internet has over three million search results that answer the issue that regards legalizing marijuana for medical and or recreational use. I conducted a search on fifteen websites that include,, and among others.

Surprisingly, I found out that about eighty percent of people who expressed their opinions had the view that marijuana should be legalized. Most of the respondents thought that legalizing it would help people save time that they spent going to a medical facility only to get a marijuana prescription.

Others had the idea that marijuana has no documented information that makes it dangerous than alcohol or tobacco. Some participants feel alcohol and tobacco could have worse effects than marijuana. Therefore, they recommend that marijuana be legalized but with a form of control against overuse. One response that caught my eye involved a respondent who, instead of giving his views, asked whether the drug had ever been illegal.  I learnt that people use marijuana legally in fifteen states, in the United States of America, which include Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Michigan, Nevada and Vermont among others. The people who qualify to use marijuana purchase it from legal marijuana dispensaries. However, some participants feel that states should legalize marijuana for medical use but not for recreation.


The surprising fact involves the fact that many people, including those who do not use marijuana feel that its legalization would save people a lot of trouble. They feel that legalization of marijuana has more advantages than the illegal use of marijuana.

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