These are the privileges allowed to individuals who have been incarcerated for unlawful acts of some kind. The extent and nature of these privileges is often debatable. Because inmates are human beings, they deserve to be afforded some right but by going against the nature of humanity, some of these rights should be withheld or given in moderation. Inmates should have rights but not so much so that they have means and opportunity to offend again.

Prisoners in certain areas have the right to possess property while incarcerated. This is important because there are some things that people should be allowed to have.  Currently, inmates are allowed to have stationery, snacks, cosmetics and cigarettes. However, there is no law about the kind of material permitted for these things. For instance, an inmate could possess lip gloss contained in a metal tin which he may use to make a weapon and harm others. These materials should be regulated for safety.

It is important for prisoners to have rights that will help reform. Visitation rights are an example. Visits may encourage inmates to better themselves subsequently their families. However, these visits should be regulated and monitored so that illegal items and activities do not take place. For example, an inmate may be gain access to weapons or he may order a hit from prison.

Inmates also have the right to be treated in good condition. They should not be in inhuman conditions and should not be given cruel and unusual punishments. However, individuals often try to stretch this right so that it excludes them from any kind of punishment. For instance, an inmate may disobey prison wardens' orders to cease from using inciting language. The wardens may decide to discipline him by putting him in solitary where no one can hear him. The prisoner may see this as cruel punishment since those put in solitary are often there for hurting others physically. In conclusion, inmate rights should be moderated to avoid making prison a better option for some people. Inmates deserve some level of rights but, our desire to give them these rights should not overtake the desire to protect innocent citizens.

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