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As highlighted in the paper, the mass media impact every aspect of people’s lives. For this reason, fast food manufacturers and sellers have used the media as a platform on which to advertise their products. Unfortunately, children are easy prey for these companies because of their naivety and innocence. While food advertisement is important and beneficial to the different players in the food and beverage industry, this paper faults their mode of advertisement. The paper reveals the trickery behind most of these advertisements. Rather than encouraging children to eat healthy diets, they encourage them to eat junk foods, which eventually cause health complications such as obesity and diabetes.

By highlighting the different advertisement techniques that companies employ in order to reach their target consumers, this paper reveals how children become easy prey of such advertisement. In today’s technology savvy environment, advertisers have been able to capitalize on this loophole by targeting children through TV ads, schools, the Internet and magazines. This reveals the opportunistic nature of these advertisers because they are fully aware of the mass media that are appealing to children. For example, advertisers have recognized the effectiveness of cartoon characters in attracting children, and have capitalized on it maximally.

 The law in the United States of America has a loophole. It does not provide adequate protection to children against manipulation through advertisements. In today’s technology savvy environment, advertisers are able to capitalize on this loophole by targeting children through TV ads, schools, the Internet and magazines. The government should make a bold move; create laws that work in countries like Sweden to protect children from manipulative advertisements. People should not boycott going to fast food. However, there should be laws that govern the quality and content of the fast food products. There should also be warning of the side effects of excessive consumption of these food stuffs. With the implementation of the above issues, we will be able to have a healthy society to build a better and stronger nation.

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