30 years after the civil war, the government policy was intended to integrate into American society from Native Americans shifting from forced separations. The main objective was to incorporate the Native American society. Starting 1860s, there was aggressiveness in the government policy that affected the Native Americans. The policy was meant to force Indians to move out of the Americans land, with the help of their leaders. Failure to convince the community members would lead to a fight. In certain extreme instances, the military troop would invade into the innocent Indians and start a fight (Channing, 1978). Such aggression made the situation out of control as Indians resorted to fighting back to protect their land.

In1980, the Indians ended the fight and resolved to a more peaceful and a soft line policy. That battle had resulted into so many deaths. They finally decided to find ways of making changes to these policies. Burke Act of the year 1906 was another policy that allowed the Indians to become citizens only and only if they choose to leave their tribe. In the year 1920s, all the Native Americans were granted citizenship. As much as the intention of the Indian policies had diverted, the outcomes of the same policies assisted in the suppression of the Native Americans together with their culture that they had embraced for so many years. The Indians lost most of their lands to the whites while they were implementing the reservation policy.

The Dawes Severalty Act had various negative implications on the lives of the Native Americans. When the policy of aggressive came into action, it faced so many critiques from the politicians and Easterners (Littell, 1861). This brought change in the Native Americans as much as the policies did not involve much blood. However, the problems for the Native Americans were not fully considered in the process. The attempt for the Native Americans to integrate into the American society was not successful. For the past 30 years, the Government policies were intended to integrate the American society with the Native American society without using force. Anyone who attempted to Americanize received a severe punishment and even one would receive a death sentence as one of the punishment (McPherson, 2009).

In the year of 1871, the American government engaged into numerous treaties. The Natives from the west were the only once who were resisting submitting to the American government and they submitted themselves last (Price, 1776). The battle that was commonly known as little Bighorn was in existence, in the year 1876, and that was the greatest victory that Native Americans ever had.  They, however, had various defeats like that of Sioux Uprising of 1862, the sand Creek Massacre of 1864, and the Wounded Knee of which existed in 1872. The US army decided to use force and persuaded the implementation of the new policies where the Native Americans were persuaded to change their tribe and religion and join Christianity and do Agriculture in the existing lands (Smith, 1978).

Under the New Echota Treaty, the removal of the existing policies took place. Using the policy of removal, most of the Indians were removed from the east and relocated to  the West by the government officials. Though this policy stated that one was to relocate voluntarily, most of the Native Americans decided not to relocate and remained in the east. This forced the Americans to input some pressure for them to move to the west. There are some Cherokees who were practically ejected from their home and taken to the west after they had utterly rejected to sign the policy of the removal treaties (Taylor, 2005).

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