The Native Americans were the local people in North America who occupied the boundaries of the today's continental United States. When European adventurers came to North America, they were able to conquer the Native Americans in their North American continent due to various disadvantages they faced. Some of the factors that made them vulnerable include their vulnerability to diseases and the high level of technology of the European Technology.

Vulnerability to European diseases

Europeans brought diseases in the continent that the Native Americans did not have immunity to.  The Native Americans had also never been exposed to such diseases unlike the Europeans who had developed resistance to their diseases. Both communities suffered for the disease but Europeans suffered just minor ailments and did not experience the full force of the diseases. Since they were disease of the European origin, the Europeans had developed drugs and other remedies to assist them in dealing with the diseases. Their immunity had become well developed to resist such diseases. On the other hand, the Native Americans lacked all these abilities since the diseases were new to them. Their bodies were therefore severely affected by these diseases and the Europeans took advantage of this and were able to conquer them.

European technology

Europeans had very superior technology that was very new to the Native Americans. The Native Americans had never experienced things like the gun powder, the firearms and the wheel by the time the Europeans arrived in the continent. Europeans had very high level of technology that the Native Americans had never experienced and therefore had no mobility to fight the European conquests. Europeans had rifles, horses and carriages that aided in mobility during the conquest.  

Other reasons for Native Americans' Vulnerability include the large number of the invaders, slavery tactics used by the Europeans, the strong warfare, and general abuse that led to death of almost 99 percent of the Native Americans.


Diseases and high level technology were the main elements used by the Europeans in conquering the Native Americans. The disease weakened them since they had never been exposed to such diseases and were easily conquered by the Europeans.

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