During the Napoleon reign, French national anthem was composed. The song was composed in a single night. It played a great role in enforcing patriotism among the French revolutionary forces.  Therefore, the song was first sung during patriotic banquet at Marseilles. This was followed by production of various copies that were given to the forces. Establishment of the French national anthem was the basis for unity in France. The anthem starts “Ye sons of France, awake to glory!”. This signifies that Napoleon’s main aim was to see that citizens of France lived in harmony and unity. He was a great royalist. His goal was to ensure that France established itself as an independent empire.

He fought for the rights of his citizens. He achieved this by ensuring that national assembly enacted a constitution that was to be followed by everyone (Sandra, 2002). In addition, he addressed some of the major causes of public calamities such as negligence, contempt to human rights as well as corruption among government officials. Both the executive and legislature required to respect and serve their citizens accordingly. Moreover, they were to attend to public grievances.

However, the artistic works Goya, one of the prolific painters during the reign of Napoleon, clearly communicates a negative message about Napoleon’s achievements. “The Naked Maja”, one of his paintings shows the Napoleon invasion of Spain. Although, Goya expresses horror over various armed conflicts carried out by French forces, Napoleon show it as the only way to establish and protect his empire (Woodward, 2000). For instance, Goya’s painting “The Disasters of War” shows scenes where innocent individuals perished.

According to Goya, Napoleon was not a successful leader. This is evident from his paintings. Often, he developed paintings that showed the black side of the Napoleon’s government such as armed war conflicts. Most of his paintings criticized Napoleon rule. He ironically described various incidents that depicted his point of view over the emperor. He saw him as a dictator and a tyranny leader. In deed, in 1824, Goya decided to go to exile after the attempt to establish liberal government failed (Schwarzfuchs, 1979). However, in the public arena, Napoleon is said to be one of the most successful leader. His legacy still lingers in the minds of the people of France and the world in general.

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