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Assassination of President McKinley

President McKinley was  assassinated while attending a meeting of Pan

American Exposition at Buffalo in New York (Campbell, 2008).

Shooting of a Pinkerton detective

Eastman was sentenced to ten years imprisonment for shooting a Pinkerton detective. Eastman was a member of sing sing and was later gunned down by bootleggers (Abramovitch & Galvin, 2002).

Black Hand terrorist group

This group of terrorist operated in many of the American cities causing havoc to the resident by striking fear to people.

Becker-Rosenthal Case

Starker produces research on several crime that took place in the New York (Keefe, 2008).

Rise in homicide rates

Cases of homicide are on the rise with many deaths being recorded for the third time (Sacco, 2005).

Rise of counterfeits

This year experienced increased number of counterfeits especially in manufacture of fake currencies (Phelps, 2002).

Abe Reles evidence

The states agrees to use Abe Reles confession as evidence that could lead to arrest of criminal like Albert Anastasia (Larson & Garret, 1996).

The period between 1900 and 1940 was marked with increasing number of criminal activities in the United States. The most predominant crimes in this period were murder, suicide, serial murder and rape. As depicted by the timeline, there was increase in violent crimes against cities. Cities such as New York had high concentration of crime with increasing number of dwellers. Buffalo for instance experience high murder rates. Cases of riots and violence were also experienced in Brownsville, Atlanta; Texas; Ohio; Springfield and Illinois. These riots were as a result of segregation of the black community as a result of white supremacy. Suicide rates were also high in cities such as Hoboken had highest rate of suicide (Hoffman, 1928).

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