Global warming is the gradual increase in temperature on the earth’s surface and the earth’s atmosphere. Scientists determine that the earth has been warming since the end of the nineteenth century. This warming is caused by the release of large amounts of certain gases into the atmosphere. The gases trap the sun’s heat and prevent the earth from cooling. Carbon dioxide is the major green house gas among other industrially produced gases. Industrialization that the world has experienced over the last century is the major cause of the global warming. One of the main twentieth century features of industrialization is the development of machines, which burns fossil fuel and produces the bulk of the greenhouse gases. Gradual accumulation of the heat energy could cause the earth’s temperature to rise beyond the maximum level for terrestrial animals and humans. When Earth’s temperature rises up to some unbearable level, it is possible that all large forms of terrestrial life will be extinct.

It is predicted that the cause of extinction of terrestrial life on the planet will be the rise of the case level, which will in turn reduce the available land surface. In addition, the rise of Earth`s in temperature will cause the current weather patterns to disrupt. The cumulative effect of the climate change will be a stiff competition for the resources in the habitat. Since humans are the most intelligent and the most powerful of the terrestrial species, it is likely that they will eliminate all the other species. Further completion among human beings may lead to catastrophic fighting, which could wipe them out or they will succumb to the extreme climatic conditions (Craven, 2009). The methods used to determine the cause of global warming are statistical methods that are also used to determine the effect of the global rise in temperature. Scientists have succeeded in establishing a probable future situation. However, the glaciers of the South and the North Poles of the planet are estimated to be melting at a higher rate than anticipated. This causes rise in the sea level. A new sea level is expected to cover some island and low lying stretches of the continents. Consequently, there will be destruction of states and displacement of people, resulting in an obvious political conflict in the course of industrialization, it is important to consider the effect of some activities to the atmosphere and generally the environment (Craven, 2009).

At the rate the world is experiencing global warming, the planet is bound to reach its limit in a few generations. It is possible that a few generations from today, people in the world will not be able to live amicably. Natural catastrophes and the strain for resources will cause conflict. However, there are doubts on the validity of the statements, and predictions of the end of the world through global warming. Greg Craven presents a conflict between doomsayers and skeptics of the theory of global warming. While some people take the global warming to be an assumption, it could be another poorly understood subject according to Craven (2009). Craven gives an example of the force of gravity. The effect of gravity is always causal and does not act in the contrary according to the laws of physics. However, the physics behind the force at the quantum level is unknown to human beings. In the same way, the predictions of global warming could be a poorly understood field but otherwise true. The author cites the relative sate of the human mind and continues to say that it may not be possible to determine the future since our minds are biased in the context of the current environment. According to the author, we may never know the truth until eventual outcome happens, because it is difficult to substantiate the scientists’ claims. Thus, it is important to exercise caution since the process of global warming is not reversible (Craven, 2009).

Craven points out that it is important to take caution when we determine that there is a possibility of danger in the future just as human beings take caution against many other probable catastrophic events that do not happen, it is wise to exercise due caution when dealing with the probable causes of global warming (Craven, 2009).

There are several counteractive measures that human beings could take to avert a near certain catastrophe to the future generations. The world population is increasing at a rate that is currently not well manageable. Demand for food makes people cut down natural vegetation and plant crop. The cutting of the natural vegetation is also a significant contributor to the global warming phenomenon. Since natural green vegetation utilizes carbon dioxide for photosynthesis, it is responsible for the atmospheric gas concentration balance in the lower atmosphere. Planting and nurturing vegetation could help in slowing down the increase in carbon dioxide concentration, which is the main contributor to the greenhouse effect.

Utilization of fossil fuel produces the greatest proportion of the carbon dioxide in the air. Fossil fuel is used in the industrial sector, vehicles and smaller machines using petroleum fuel. However, it is possible to replace the current means of locomotion, which uses petroleum fuel, and replace it with electric vehicles. These vehicles could replace the need for petroleum driven cars. The major source of electricity for domestic and industrial use is the hydroelectric power technology and petroleum generators. It is possible to replace current major electricity generators with nuclear driven electricity generators. With a reasonable control of use of the radioactive materials, nuclear power could provide sufficient energy in the world industries and domestic installations. This would reduce the greenhouse gas emissions by a significant proportion, and could serve as one of the feasible solutions to global warming.

Due to the economic state of the world, it is estimated that dependency on petroleum is going to remain as present or increase in the future decades. To avoid destroying the earth’s atmosphere by the release of the greenhouse gases, it is vital to contain them so that they do not get into the atmosphere. Waste greenhouse gases could be stored in underground storage facilities. This is an expensive technology, but it could save the world’s atmosphere from possible destruction.

Another suggested solution to global warming is coping with the greenhouse effect. While human beings are capable of adapting to the adverse climatic conditions, there is a limit to the maximum strain on the resources. The idea of coping with the greenhouse effect is only a short-term solution. Consequently, the proper solution is an alternative source of energy.

 There is a mutual consensus among scientists and politicians that the global warming phenomenon is a real occurrence. Efforts geared towards minimizing the effect of global warming are under way. The current rate of rise of temperature and the disruption of the climate illustrate that the earth could be strained in its capacity in a short while. On the other hand, however much we try to eliminate the threat of global warming it will remain in small negligible degrees. This slow rate of global warming could keep the world from plunging in a crisis in the near future. If the ultimate effect of the global warming could be postponed into the future, it is highly likely that the future generation will find a solution.

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