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Steps and financial tips are placed to give water safety in developing countries. Several companies are on this run, such as Ethos water from Starbucks and through the entire struggle it may not be met.

Starbucks got some element of bromate, cancer causing, in December 2005 by quality assuring from Chameleon Beverage Company product. Its image was tainted though never made official.FDA made a request to an open recall. Several water contaminations has never public after the Environmental Health Department made a report release. Denial of health risk were even further made by Perrier with some magazine (A short course In International Marketing Blunder) released ownership part of Perrier in it.

Contamination is known to be of different types such as mold, sodium hydroxide, kerosene, styrene, sugar and other forms of bacteria. This contamination has even got its effect even in games places getting many into a casualty of it. The problems going with this kind of contamination is vastly felt in the US with an estimate of 6 percent caliform bacteria and Ecolli related. This kind of water bottling ought to remove contamination but the public is not given any knowledge on it at whatever cost. Several kinds of recall list are made and are grouped into three, which are: Class 1 Dangerous and defective product, Class 2 Temporary Health causing problems and thirdly Class 3 water products that are unlikely to cause severe health related risks. Information on how water bottling is done is hard to find as some water bottling companies withdraw from the market without notification and may be seen as a scheme. A strategic oversight needs to made on the quality given out to the public is they the main customers. At the very present, consumers to this product have no certainty on quality water but only their faith keeps it.

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