Human dominance on earth has an enormous impact on the environment and other creatures. This paper is based on the findings, conclusions and analysis of Vitousec, Mooney, Lubchenco, Mellilo and Jared diamond. The main factor that is affected by human activities is water. These analysts came up with one common conclusion. They concluded that the effect that humans have on the environment is caused by their limited knowledge. There are uncertainties on the role of water on earth. The lack of scientific know-how among human beings makes them act unethically towards the environment (Simmons 37). Therefore, the best way for humans to take care of their conflicting interests, with those of the environment, is to respect their role as an influential member of the communities living on earth. There are many modern scientific ways by which the environment can be protected. Humans should understand the hydrological cycle if the environment is to be conserved (Schneider 46). They should also understand evolution and its relationship with survival.

The choices that human beings make directly affect their future. This has been seen in the past. The condition of the earth now has been affected by the choices that humans made in the past. According to Diamond’s, Wilby’s and Perry’s conclusion, increased knowledge about the environment and impact by humans is the main remedy. This is real because it influences their actions better than any other convictions. When they understand the hydrological cycle, they can tell that the reason of today’s  dry was their yesterday’s decisions. Therefore, wrong choices can result in limited existence of the human race. Based on Diamond’s conclusions, the future of humans can go either way. However, there are many scientific researches and education about the environment that can give positive influence. We must put new perspective into our lives and begin changing our personal lives and live sustainably on earth (Vitek 29). Therefore, the future of human beings might be brighter with regards to environmental conditions, as a result of increased efforts towards stopping environmental depletion.

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