University of Phoenix is one of the best universities that offer high quality education to students in all fields. Since I joined this university, am satisfied with the education system because it provides students with an opportunity to improve their knowledge and skills and provides an environment that promotes creativity (Craft, 2005). This university gives equal opportunities to all students regardless of their financial status, religion, race or country of origin (Lynch, 1999). This has enabled students from different backgrounds to have equal access to high quality education. As a result, this university has promoted cultural diversity (Robert A. DeVillar, 1994).

Additionally, students in this university are granted an opportunity to be creative, and utilize their full potentials in different fields of study. This has enabled students to come up with different projects that can be incorporated in various organizations to enhance the execution of different tasks. Furthermore, due to high quality education provided by this university, all students gain adequate skills and knowledge that makes them very competitive in the labor market and flexible in the changing working environment. For example, after graduating with a degree from this university, I will be very competitive in the job market and I will have a competitive advantage over graduates from other universities. This is because since I joined University of Phoenix I have gained abundant skills and knowledge.

Since I joined this university, education has become a passion to me. This is because the university provides a conducive environment that has made me more skilled, knowledgeable, competitive and creative. These benefits have motivated me to work hard in order to improve my academic performance. Additionally, am satisfied to be in this university because I will definitely acquire adequate skills and knowledge that will make me competitive in the labor market and flexible to the changing working environment.

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