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“If you have to do something, then do it right”, my mother has emphasized this phrase vehemently since I was a little boy. “Son, you will no doubt make a lot of decisions throughout your life, and it is my wish that you seek wisdom from all available sources before making drastic decisions.” Then a time came when I had to select the best University in which I could further my studies. I have always wanted to enroll in a University that has a diverse student body, located in an urban area, and has a wide scope of graduate programs. My dream University also had a lean class, besides offering scholarships based on merit. I have several friends who failed to secure admissions to their dream Universities because they faced hurdles in the application process. I would hate to be a victim of the same.

After a rigorous examination of all the Universities that fell within my scope of interest, I finally settled on HawaiiPacificUniversity. Firstly, my research revealed to me that HawaiiPacificUniversity is famous for its diverse yet harmonious student body comprising of almost 9,000 students, who represent over 100 nations. Secondly, the institution’s main campus stands in downtown Honolulu. This means that students there have a wide scope of learning resources and experiences, including the urban setting too. Thirdly, HawaiiPacificUniversity provides students with over fifty diverse graduate programs to choose from, a phenomenon that allows student body diversity and versatility. In addition, the process of application at HawaiiPacificUniversity is simple and fast, because there is an Admissions Counselor who guides prospective students through the whole process. One of my former professors would tell me that lean classes were always the best because tutors could identify and mitigate individual learning differences. HawaiiPacificUniversity has a class size of not more than 25 students, besides an impressive faculty-student ratio of 1: 15. To top it up, HawaiiPacificUniversity offers merit scholarships to qualified students. Securing admission to Hawaii Pacific University would most probably be the most significant decision that will change my life altogether.

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